Object Gone Rogue (UNLIKELY CONCEPT)


”You could have walked away from all of this. But… you didn’t. And now, you’re just… talking to yourself.”


Role: Damage
Team: Red
Position: Front

Description: With 2 sides, the quiet and monotone regular GPS, and the ruthless murderer controlled by Codey, GPS will dominate the battlefield.


Entrance: GPS walks in casually, while glitching between his normal self and the one controlled by Codey.

Basic Attack: GPS punches a nearby enemy, dealing X damage.

Victory: GPS smiles, before getting overtaken by Codey, who makes GPS throw a knife in the air and catch it.

Defeat: GPS gets pushed back onto the ground, looking surprised.


White Skill: Codey’s Rampage

Codey takes over GPS and throws a knife, dealing X damage to every enemy it goes through, also knocking back and stunning a random enemy.

Green Skill: Blinding Light

GPS brightens his screen, blinding a random enemy, damaging them X damage, and also stunning and sapping them.

Blue Skill: Crowbar Crush

GPS finds a Crowbar and swipes it at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage, knocking the enemy back, and removing their armor. The skill also has a chance to apply a debuff to the enemy.

Purple Skill: Execute Time, 0

When GPS reaches 0 HP, he self destructs and creates an explosion, dealing X Damage to the 2 enemies most nearby. This also knocks the enemies back.

Red Skill: Between You and Me

Every time “Codey’s Rampage” is used, GPS’s attack speed is increased by 30% of its usual.

  • +X Basic Attack Damage
  • +X Max HP
  • +X Damage on “Execute Time, 0”


GPS/Top Hat & Sketchpad (COMING SOON)
“Long Time No See”
Allies: Jim Hawkins, Bryce, Lilo
“Codey’s Rampage” now throws 2 knives.

“Deadly Devices”
Allies: Gizmoduck, Tron, Doofenschmirtz
“Blinding Light” now blinds 2 enemies.


Yes, I do know that I was supposed to do Moses, but after giving The Nightly Manor a rewatch, I knew it needed to happen. There is so much to do with GPS… it’s insane. And the fact that all of the regular skills (White-Purple) all come from one episode… is crazy. Well, I hope you enjoyed my concept, and stay tuned for more!!

Watch “The Nightly Manor” Here!- https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNeb0JQIpBNv8egXHMVn4sZ6P-c3aryCX&si=-BszQiKmoecKGf0D


Great concept :+1:

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

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