MY NAME IS NOT SODA BOTTLE! (Unlikely Concept)



You just can’t move on with your life, can you?
Team: Red
Role: Control
Position: Back

Description: Bryce is here to help! He’ll take all needs possible to make sure your team is not harmed in any way.


Entrance: Bryce walks in (White Skill) See green skill.
Victory: Bryce crosses his arms.
Defeat: Bryce stomps off, angrily
Basic Attack: Brice throws a small toy car towards the nearest enemy, dealing X Damage.


White Skill: Burnt Eggs
Brice accidentally overcooks 2 eggs, which he flips into the enemy line, dealing X Damage to the enemies it hits, also stunning them for 4 seconds.

Green Skill: Getaway Driver
Brice enters in on his car, which he drives through the enemy line, dealing X Damage to each enemy, also knocking back, sapping, and silencing a random enemy.

Blue Skill: What Is Your Problem?
Brice starts shouting at the enemy with the most HP, applying a random Disable, as well as decreasing their armor.

Purple: Don’t Do It
Now, “Getaway Driver” is now 2 times, dealing the same amount of damage twice and now knocks back, saps, and silences 2 enemies instead of 1.

Red Skill: A Fair Warning
“What Is Your Problem?” Now has a chance to affect 2 enemies instead of 1.

  • +X Basic Damage
  • +X Max HP
  • +X Damage on “Burnt Eggs”


Don’t Drink Me!
Now, “Burnt Eggs” has 3 eggs.
Allies- Vanellope, Liam, Nick Wilde

Brice/ Gelatin (COMING SOON)
Calm Contestants
“What is your Problem!” Now can give Brice a shield for 6 seconds.
Allies: Meg, Phoebus, Lilo


Somehow, I was able to pull it off. I didn’t think I would find a way to do it, but I sure did. I hope you enjoyed it, I enjoyed making it! I’ll have a vote on who’s next very soon! Stay tuned!

Quote is from Episode 13: Famous Last Words: It’s No Code

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