Old yet still young


3 star, backline tank

“Ok, grab shell, dude!”


Entrance:a floating ocean current appears and crush rides in (until B0)

Victory:crush does a sideways spin and then smiles

Defeat:he retreats into his shell as it flips onto it’s back

Basic attack:a baby sea turtle swims into the enemies on its own current, dealing x damage and minor knockback


White:ride the current

crush and a group of other sea turtles ride the current into enemies which deals x damage to the enemies and deals knockback to them as well.


crush dodges a attack with a trick and gains a shield which speeds up crush for 7 seconds.

Blue:the thrill of the ride

At the start of each wave, crush swims into enemies on a very strong current which deals x damage to the enemies and deals knockback.

Purple:go with the flow

“The thrill of the ride” now gives all allies a shield for 6 seconds.

Red:crush’s coaster

all shields given to allies are now 2x more stronger and now speed up allies for every second that the shield is active.


tropical currents
currents cleanses debuffs

“Thrill of the ride” now has a 40% chance to cleanse debuffs from allies

crush/hank and dory
catch the waves
more armor when threatened

when under 30% health, crush gains 70% more armor.


I liked this concept!
The only thing I’d change is the role. With all those shields and speed buffs, I feel like Support would be better. But nice concept otherwise.

In reality, sea turtles do not retract their body into their shell

How he could walk through battle field

he swims in a current in order to move around

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