One cranky squid(unlikely concept 6/10)

squidward tentacles

2 star, backline support

“Oh puh-lease…i have no soul”

Squidward plays soothing melodies on his clarinet until someone interrupts him which makes him mad


Entrance:squidward walks in with his clarinet in his hands

Victory:squidward does multiple poses before jumping into the air with his arms above his head

Defeat:squidward drops onto his knees and cries with his hands over his eyes

basic attack:see passive


white:musical artist

passive:instead of a basic attack, squidward links with the weakest ally and plays a note from his clarinet which heals that ally for x amount.

active:squidward plays his clarinet which silences all enemies for 3 seconds

green:canned bread

squidward throws a can of canned bread at the nearest enemy which deals x damage to that enemy and has a 40% chance to stun the enemy for 3 seconds

blue:no interruptions

whenever squidward falls under 70% of his health, squidward gets angry and stomps his feet which heals him for x amount and increases his max health by 60%

purple:sour note

“musical artist” now heals all allies for x amount and cleanses them of all debuffs.

red:bold and brash

squidward’s basic attack now cleanses debuffs off of the ally he is linked with


loud vs quiet
longer silences

all silences to enemies now last 4 seconds longer

squidward/li shang
spiritual peace
immune to being silenced

squidward is now immune to being silenced by enemies

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I give this a 8/10 idea

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