One Strike Marvel Character Concept: Venom


Information Character: Venom is a Symbeote Monster who use his slime things to smash Enemies

Star Character: 3 Stars

Quote: “We, Are Venom”

White Skill: Slime Out
Venom Use his Slime things To Punch Creeps

Green skill: Little Tung?
As venom use to spit and use his claws to strike enemy down in 4 Seconds

Blue skill: Control of Air
Venom use his one slimy thing to use enemy to behind him in 9 Seconds

Purple skill: Roar in Pain
After venom got KO, he has back to life from his given up

Friendship mode:

Upgrade one the Symbeote
Level 124
“Roar in Pain” Skils Unstoppable in 95%
Others: Duke Caboom, Migel, Violet

Strange things for Monster
Level 121
Skills “Control of Things” Turns Invisible
Others: Jack Jack, Darkwing Duck, Gaston


Venom Appears that he roars, and start to fight

Venom if he’s Defeated. He Rage in Roar

Venom if he’s Victory. He Swings to into next world


Three words: Not gonna happen

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If there is, this must be strange things going on if not, keep the concept


This does not make sense. I said “Not gonna happen” because Venom is part of the Marvel Universe, not the Disney one. Even if Disney owns Marvels, the movies made by Marvel Studios are still under the name of Marvel. The only characters that will be in the game are Disney and Disney/Pixar characters


One thing is, if there’s the same thing as Disney Infinity, still weird, just want to know.


Sure, go ahead and make character concepts for whoever you like, even if the chances of them actually coming to this game are miniscule. You do what you enjoy.

But for gosh sake watch your grammar, because this is completely incomprehensible


I mean technically Toy Story, monsters inc and Incredibles were created before Disney acquired Pixar and the Pixar universe is still part of the game. So no reason we can’t see marvel show up since Disney acquired them too.

Now I don’t think it will happen, but not for the same reason. There are tons of marvel games already so I don’t see why PB would want to try to dip into that market.


You would have a point if characters from “A Bug’s Life” were in the game. But all the movies you’ve mentioned had prequels/sequels made after Disney got complete ownership of Pixar. Except in Marvel’s case. Characters from those movies won’t make it because Disney and Marvel have never collaborated to make a movie. Disney lets Marvel on its own to make its movies, but Disney collaborates with Pixar

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That’s a good point about the sequels. Though they still use assets from the film’s before the acquisition ex: sully and boo, boo wasn’t in the prequel. So don’t see it ever being a problem for them to use characters from bug’s Life or anything like that

Also how cool would it be to have flik, dim or thumper


One thing is, the very first Disney and Marvel Collaborated which is Loki coming to Disney+ and Marvel Cinematic November


Marvel and Star Wars will not come to DHBM

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If it’s false. Then I get rid of it on june 21st


It is not false news. Marvel and Star Wars are never coming to DHBM.


No I said If you’re right. Like if I was false


Hey that’s Sony’s gig


Dude Marvel is Disney. The only thing not belonging to Disney is “Into the Spider-verse”


Don’t forget those other Spider-Man movies made by Sony


Yeah… Sony, Sony, Sony… tries to adapt to kids movies to make “other” kids movies

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What about Big Hero 6. Wasn’t that a Marvel comic in the late 90s?


It was but not the Big Hero 6 from Disney. Disney’s BH6 is not part of the Marvel Universe