Oof, the entire division is like this

I dont have much to say, I just find it funny. Is this team ran in other servers too?


Yep, it’s fairly difficult to beat and almost impossible to Quick Fight. There’s not a lot of point using anything else :frowning:

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To be honest, I’m surprised to see Megara there, I thought she is mostly outclassed by Rapunzel.

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I’m always surprised to see Megara linking to Randall, who’s usually the last one standing even if Megara is linked to someone else. Does she really add to his survivability?


That’s exploit, which should be prevented.


Rant time.

This is EXACTLY what I hate about this, or ANY game’s competitive scene. People spamming and using the same damn characters OVER AND OVER AGAIN. It’s ANNOYING and I’m sorry, doesn’t automatically make you a good player. This is what caused me to hate Mulan, Peter Pan, Powerline and Jafar. There HAS to be some kind of ban or better balancing with people that use the same characters over and over again. Because this is utter bullcrap and makes this game infinitely less fun.


It’s not so much an issue with the player’s choice but with PB’s quick fight mechanics & balance. Hades, Randall & Megara are by no means the strongest heroes, but they are there for the sole purpose of denying the attacker the 750 points that they could get from a quick win.

Mulan is there because she’s the strongest damage hero in the game by far, and T&P are there solely to mitigate opposing Mulans.

If, every time a hero revived or went invincible, it counted as a new ‘hero’ for the purpose of point scoring (ie another opportunity for 50 points) then the quick fight meta would disappear.


Everytime the same and this will never change that people instantly copy those lines they can’t defeat. I find it rather like uncompetitive cheap stealing of the best possible solution for certain rules inside of Challengers… it will never end trust me… from using one hero to using those which dont give many points, from unbeatable Randall to unfair Piggy Meg combos to Meg Mulan link combo to now using stealthy toons ore reviver which make you lose points.

THE CHALLENGER modes WILL ALWAYS BE EXPLOITED :yum: it’s by far the most thoughtless mode ever, beneath the never solving Cw problem and Invasion

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Well… unpopular opinion, but I think it could work if quick fight bonus was removed. I mean, it was added to prevent opponents from using a single white character, but now this has been fixed in other ways.

Since quick fight lead to everyone using Hades Randall and Meg, maybe it could just be removed.

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I hate it too, and I’m thankful it’s not even 1/10th as bad in Challenger III, which is about as far as I ever get. Hm, maybe that’s one advantage of Challenger seasons: it concentrates the most extreme meta copy-pasting into the highest-ranking divisions, until it’s mostly just copy-pasters fighting each other in the top division while there’s still some variety below.

This sounds like it’s well worth trying: not too difficult to implement, not too disruptive to the scoring for most teams except those geared specifically towards preventing a quick win.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but what other measures have been taken against single-hero teams?

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They changed the way points are calculated. A single hero now gives the same amount of points as a full team

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At first I declare I’m in Platinum league and have no ability to construct any tactical compositions of Heroes. I write for to clarify the problem.

In general, traditional PvP games (Shogi, chess, Igo…) have typical procedures to win. In this sense many players choose the same procedure naturally. But wise players can find out more effective procedure than ever. Therefore new champions appear every year in the traditional PvP games.

There are the common conditions in the trad PvP games.

  1. Rule is fixed for a long time
  2. Game is composed of successive each players’ turns

If these conditions are not met, it’s difficult for players to think original tactics because their choises are limited by changing rule and short of development of game stages. Does the Challenger Season have these conditions? I think, it doesn’t.

Don’t see it often in challenger. In fact, I only see common heroes only. I never saw a same team

The weird variety I see in server 19 is great. Hopefully if I ever get to challengers it is not super repetitive.

Lol that’s funny, and they all have similar team power.

This topic might be usefull for you to read!

Especially this part:


Is that a good team

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