Oswald the lucky rabbit concept (updated)

Oswald the lucky

Description: Oswald was Disney’s original chararcter, but was forgotten and blames Mickey Mouse for this. Now, he is ready to lend a helping hand to his allies

Role - Damage
Team - Blue
Position - Frontline
Stars - 1 :star2:
Quote - “Are we gonna go or what?”

Entrance - Oswald hops onto the battlefield.
Victory - Oswald takes off his foot, kisses it, and rubs it on his head.
Defeat - Oswald melts.

Basic Skill - Punch Attack
Oswald punches the enemy.

White Skill - Rabbit’s Flight
Oswald flies through the enemies, dealing X damage.
Normal Damage :boom:

Green Skill - Electric Blast
Oswald fires electricity at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage.
Fantastic Damage :sparkles:

Blue Skill - Electric Shield
Oswald forms an electric sphere around an ally, this protects the ally and damages enemies that hit the shield.
Fantastic Damage :sparkles:

Purple Skill - Rabbit’s Hop
Oswald has a 20% chance of stunning an enemy with Electric Blast!

Red Skill - Rabbit’s Luck
When an ally’s health is below X, Oswald goes berserk for 5.0 seconds, after which he heals 60% of the ally’s health.
Extra Boosts

+X Skill Power
+Y Armor
+Z True Damage on Rabbit’s Flight

Friendship 1 - Oswald/Mickey Mouse
Disk Name: Inky Brothers
Campaign Name: Brotherly Bond
Summary: Oswald stubbornly joins Mickey on a trip down memory lane. Along the way, the two form a bond.
Allies: Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Goofy
Stat Boosts: +X Max Health
Star Effect: When fully upgraded, Electric Blast has a 30% chance of charming the enemy it hits.

Friendship #2 - Oswald/Luz Noceda
Disk Name: Lucky Magic
Campaign Name: Luck of Magic
Summary: Oswald and Luz work together to find the source of strange magic that is causing bad luck.
Allies: Eda Clawthorne, Captain Hook, Pete
Stat Boosts: +Armor, +Reflect, +Reality
Star Effect:for Rabbit’s flight has a 30% chance to Freeze enemies.

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Credits to @Rylancrafter99 for the help

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