Out of Office - January 14-24

I will be out of the office January 14-24. I was given an amazing opportunity to do some volunteer work with a non-profit organization that I support and I couldn’t pass it up.

While I’m out, a support ticket in the game is the best way to get information to the team or have questions answered. There won’t be as much feedback here, but Elliot will be helping out with patch notes. There won’t be a major update while I’m gone - 1.16 will be in early February - but new content (heroes!) and small bug fixes are planned for next week.

Be kind while I’m away, and I’ll see you on January 27!


Any news about a Q&A or the “Roadmap for 2020” like last year?


Does this mean no more heroes until you come back?

This means that new changes (and maybe another level cap) will come in February.

@AgentJake this means that new heroes comes next week.


Lucky polaris and enjoy your volunteer work opportunity
(I use google translator sorry for the problems)

Oh. I get it now.

Not sure what day as patch notes later this week before tomorrow.

Good old Elliot…always getting the brunt of your free time. :wink: :wink:

And can we just again say…do we really need MORE new heroes and more cap level increases? Can we just slow our roll a bit and maybe let the players go do some volunteer work somewhere too @Polaris ?


Have one doing volunteer work! Hope it is for a good cause! :grin:

Attention forumers!

[With the adult gone, we can now have a party like no other!]



Look for the cookie jar

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Yes, Yes!, DOUBLE YES!

How could you say we DON’T need more new heroes? What we don’t need is an OP mess of a hero.


Yes I want to see new heroes.
I just hate Overpowered heroes… like Randall


Mr. Incredible is OP now if anyone has noticed

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Oh I didn’t know that. But I know Incredible is great in Invasion

Well, I can understand their point of view

More heroes = more resources spent
More resources spent = More solo deals
More solo deals = More complaints, more resources, more money for PerBlue
More money for PerBlue = More heroes

The cycle goes on and on, and only the complaints will stack up, because it isn’t recycled

Eww… solo deals, ruined so much.

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I still think everyone is overreacting about Solo Deals. How often did it happen that stacking deals were available?
Now think about how often you wish you could buy stamina and there wasn’t an offer.

Solo Deals are a good thing.


Did you see the Epic City Watch key deals? 20 USD for only 94!

And then there was the invasion kickoff thing, 50 breakers and 50 power ups for 20 USD.

Those are scams

We were better off without solo deals. Solo deals are basically deals but with the diamonds and VIP rings. Exclude those out and you get: a terrible deal

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Congratulations you labled 2 bad deals. There were bad deals before Solo Deals. Solo Deals didn’t make it worse it just made it easier for you to get the kind of deal you want at any given time. And that is a good thing.

… so Because they have the Diamonds and VIP rings in them… that makes them bad. Even through you were getting Diamonds and VIP rings when you bought normal deals… and of course taking them out would make them terrible. That’s a lot of the value of the deal!

I never said that

Read this

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