Owner of the World's Strongest Metal Bat - Sora (My One and Only Unlikely Concept)

Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

Skilled in melee combat and in magic, Sora proves his mettle on the battlefield as one of the chosen wielders of the keyblade!

Role: Damage
Position: Front
Trial Team: Red

“The heart may be weak, and sometimes, it may even give in. But I’ve learned that, deep down, there’s a light that never goes out!”

Basic Animations

Entrance: Sora slides into frame, keyblade over his shoulder, before he takes up his iconic doublehand battle stance.

Basic Attack: Sora performs a downward slash, a thrust, and a spinning horizontal slash with his keyblade.

Victory: They keyblade disappears and Sora leaps into the air, left fist pumped. He then places his hands behind his head in a resting position as he smiles broadly.

Defeat: Sora falls backward, floating in mid-air as his heart slowly floats out of his body before he disappears.


:white_circle: White Skill: Ars Arcanum (:sparkles:)

“Sora becomes infused with power, striking at nearby foes to deal X (determined by Basic Damage) Fantastic damage 7 times. These attacks always crit, and if Sora would have dealt a critical hit naturally, it becomes a super crit instead.”

  • Animation: Sora begins to glow with an orange light before he unleashes a swift and furious string of seven strikes on nearby enemies.

:green_circle: Green Skill: Strike Raid (:fist:)

"Sora throws his keyblade, dealing X (determined by Skill Power) Normal damage to all enemies twice and reducing their Armor and Reality by 75% for 6 seconds. If Sora KO’s an enemy with this attack, he throws his keyblade once again. There is no limit to how many times Sora can repeat this attack.

The Armor and Reality reduction have a chance to fail against enemies above level X."

  • Animation: Sora takes a step back and hurls his keyblade at the enemy team. The keyblade whirls horizontally as it flies through the enemies off-screen and through the enemies again as it returns to Sora’s hand.

:large_blue_circle: Blue Skill: Aeroga

“Sora casts a protective wind spell, granting himself X (determined by Level) Basic Damage and Reflect for 6 seconds. Allies close to Sora will also receive Reflect for 4 seconds.”

  • Animation: Sora raises his keyblade high in the air. Several streams of jade green wind fly out from the keyblade’s tip and encircle Sora (and any nearby ally) in a protective rotating multiple-vortex bubble of wind.

:purple_circle: Purple Skill: Second Chance

“When Sora reaches 1 HP, he Cleanses himself of all debuffs, becomes Invincible for 3 seconds, and casts Curaga on himself, healing for X (determined by Skill Power) HP. Sora can perform this ability only once every 30 seconds.”

  • Animation: A pulse of light radiates from Sora, who raises his keyblade to cast his healing spell, surrounding himself with golden light and swirling leaves.

:red_circle: Red Skill: Combo Plus

"If Ars Arcanum reduces any enemy below 50% HP, Sora will extend the combo and strike nearby enemies up to 5 additional times, depending on how many enemies he reduced below 50% HP.

Strike Raid will now attack 2 more times innately before checking if any enemy has been KO’d."

+X Basic Damage
+X Skill Power
+X damage to each hit of Strike Raid

Friend Disk Campaigns

:stars: Disk #1 - "Old Friends, New Meetings"
Sora is a bit distraught to learn that his friends, Donald, Goofy, and King Mickey, don’t seem to recognize him here in the City. Stranger than that, they don’t seem to have any memory of Mickey being the king, of Donald and Goofy being protectors of the world border–er, order, and they’ve never even heard of the keyblade. Soon word gets around, though, that Mickey’s old nemesis Pete is attempting to stir up some trouble by luring creeps into town and skedaddling as soon as the creeps are distracted by someone or something else. His friends may not remember him, but Sora is hardly going to sit back and let them deal with this mess on their own!

  • Partner:
    – Mickey Mouse
  • Allies:
    – Goofy
    – Donald Duck
    – Pete
  • Level Up:
    +X Armor
    +X Reality
    +X Maximum HP to Sora and allies
  • Stars:
    After Sora uses Second Chance, he continues healing for 2% (+2% per additional star) of his maximum HP per second for 10 seconds.
    Sora also gains 2 (+1 per additional star) stacks of Hardy each time he triggers Second Chance.

:taco: Disk #2 - “All You Can Eat” (:sparkles:)
Sora, being the genial guy he is, strikes up a friendship with Ron Stoppable, who shows Sora the wonderful world-changing experience that is…the naco! So simple. So obvious. So delicious! Ron, eager to take his new friend into deeper levels of his exciting culinary world, shows him some of his favorite snack vendors in the City. Sure, there are some creeps that try to interfere, but nothing’s gonna stop these snack-food brothers from whetting their appetites!

  • Partner:
    – Ron Stoppable
  • Allies:
    – John Silver
    – Timon & Pumbaa
    – Baloo
  • Level Up:
    +X Basic Damage
    Aeroga also deals X Fantastic damage per second to nearby enemies
  • Stars:
    Sora’s Attack Speed is increased by 24% (+24% per additional star) for 7 seconds after using Ars Arcanum.
    Strike Raid has a 20% (+20% per additional star) chance to inflict Shatter on the Most Wanted enemy for 8 seconds. Shatter causes the target to take 8% of their maximum HP in True damage each time they take Fantastic damage. The Most Wanted enemy is the enemy that has dealt the most damage.

I am in love with this concept as someone still clamouring for sora this fits him so well. I owuld probably make it so strike raid is more of a aoe attack that has a chance at repeating similar to how you can just mash reaction to throw it regardless of ko or not and give it fantastic damage instead of normal

I wouls also probably give him magnet so he can power creep kaa.

Instead of ron stoppable he could have a hades friendship because olympus is the world he been to the most.

Question: how’s this unlikely? Last time I checked, Sora, as well as the other original Kingdom Hearts characters who aren’t from an existing Disney property or Final Fantasy, are owned by Disney. Wouldn’t that make him likely to join?

For the same reasons that Gravity Falls characters are unlikely–they’re owned by Disney, but they were made outside of Disney’s immediate purview, so licensing issues could potentially arise, so PerBlue isn’t likely to reach their hands onto that particular bear trap on the off-chance that it won’t snap on them.


Unlikely but not impossible.

If emoji blitz can have sora, perblue can prob follow that game’s footsteps. Theres also a hurdle of having to go through nomura who is not only japanese but has to question how sora being in disney heroes can be canon like the crazy peanut he is.

All in all i have hope but its slim

I love this concept

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