Pabbie Hero Concept


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“The heart is not easily changed, but the head can be persuaded.”
Pabbie uses his knowledge of magic to make sure his team is healthy.

Entrance: Pabbie rolls onto screen then gets into position ( until green skill ) .
Victory: Pabbie shows a small smile and waves.
Defeat: Pabbie backs up and makes a scared expression.

White Skill: Magical Remedy
Passive: Instead of having a basic attack, Pabbie will summon an aurora borealis, creating a shield around the ally with the most skill power with X HP that lasts 5 seconds.
Active: Pabbie begins chanting until he runs out of energy. While chanting, Pabbie heals each ally for Y health per second and removes all debuffs.

Green Skill: Living Stone
Normal Damage
At the beginning of each wave, Pabbie will tuck and roll across the battlefield, dealing X damage and knocking them back. Pabbie will roll back to his position from offscreen afterwards.

Blue Skill: Fixer Upper
The first time each ally falls below 50% HP, Pabbie throws some flowers in the air. This cleanses all debuffs from that ally and heals them for 25% Max HP

Purple Skill: Old as Earth
Pabbie gains an extra X Armor and Y Max Armor. Pabbie also heals himself for 5% Max HP per second while using Magical Remedy.

Red Skill: Gentle and Benevolent
Pabbie heals an ally for 5% more health with any skill when the ally is below 30% health.
When Pabbie is below 50% HP, he grants all his allies X skill power for 10 seconds.
+X Max HP
+Y Armor
+Z damage from Living Stone


Pabbie and Kristoff & Sven
Campaign: Magical Memories
Disk: Family Ties- Pabbie’s shields last 2 seconds longer per star.
Description: Pabbie and Kristoff explore the fun things the city has to offer.
Allies: Elsa, Olaf, and Elastigirl

Pabbie and Merlin
Campaign: Respect Your Elders
Disk: Knowledge is Power- At the start of each wave, Pabbie grants a shield to the front-most ally with X HP that lasts 5 seconds, plus 1 second per star.
Description: Pabbie and Merlin teach each other their magic.
Allies: Elsa, Rapunzel, Peter Pan


How is this passive?

He doesn’t have a basic attack that deals damage, let me fix that real quick.


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Can you use the same person for both friendship’s allies?

Yes. Some heroes even have one of their primary friends in the other friendship campaign.


Oh ok. Thanks

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