Paper jumpman (unlikely concept 14)

Paper mario


1 star, frontline control


Paper mario brings a mighty wooden hammer into battle in order to pound his foes to a creep pancake


Entrance: a paper airplane flys into position then it turns into paper mario as he lands and then pulls his hammer out…also huey flys in behind mario to help him out in battle

This is what huey looks like :arrow_down:

Victory: paper mario straightens his hat and then gives a thumbs up

Defeat: he spins around and then falls onto the ground chin first

Basic attack: he pounds the ground with his hammer, dealing x damage and knocking any enemy back a small distance


White: mega-hammer slam

Passive: huey will fight alongside mario each wave.

Huey has his own health bar and energy bar and can be buffed and healed by other allies

Active: Paper mario charges up his hammer for a bit before then slamming the hammer down with a very strong slam which deals x damage to any enemies near him while the shockwaves from the hammer deals x damage to enemies from afar.

Green: color splash

Huey splashes paint all over enemies which causes negative effects or debuffs depending on the color of the paint

Red: deals damage overtime for 6 seconds

Green: prevents the enemies from healing or from being healed themselves

Blue: freezes the enemies for 4 seconds

Yellow: makes attacks against paper mario deal 40% less damage

Blue: multi-stomp

Mario stomps onto the heads of multiple enemies which deals x damage to each enemy while huey also splashes paint onto each enemy with the same effects from “color splash”

Purple: paper jam

Paper Mario’s basic attack now has a 70% chance to stun enemies that are “painted”

Red: copy block

Paper mario now gains 30% armor for every third basic attack he does.

“Color splash” now has a 30% chance to blind enemies for 5 seconds.


Paper mario/mickey mouse
Thinner paint
more powerful paint

“Painted” enemies now have their armor decreased by 37%

Paper mario/Rapunzel
Color of the lantern
defensive hammer

Paper marios basic attack now gives him x armor each time he defeats an enemy with the move.


really good concept! i enjoyed reading every second of it. 9/10.


I will give this a 8/10.

Will you do concept on luigi mario s brother?

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