Patch Notes 3.5.11-A

Oh that makes sense :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: but I’m glad to see who’s coming

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The Third Everyone will like it and l hope she comes!


Oh I was thinking of the other ones

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Sisu and Mad Madam Mim?

They both have human and dragon forms.


So nice of the notes to not actually mention that 14 & 17 get a double cap yet again.
Entirely expected at this point though, given the previous patch notes. (As well as at least 2 more doubles after this for 14, and way too many more for 18)

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Me gustó pero ya mejor mejoren personajes viejos y agreguen nuevas formas de jugar.

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Yes! Two of the three leaked characters are confirmed!


Hopefully this.

Time to say goodbye:-)


I can thought that Madam Mim could manipular her given that Sisu is gullible

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there’s nothing unless Sisu won’t appear until her prize wall and King until January, which if so is just unnecessary waiting.

unless this, but why Wednesday?

can’t they just appear today if they don’t require server update at all?

Have characters been scrapped before? That’s so sad.

But Sisu looks so cute. I think she looks cuter here than in her movie. And King Triton looks like he has so much swag lol. I’m excited for his friendship with Hank and Dory.

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Awesome to see we get Sisu.
I was not expecting her Prize Wall until next month.
But the Patch Notes did not answer the one question that has been on my mind since Raya was released, is her currently non-existent second Friendship with Sisu?
More RayaLD characters please, enough to fill out a collection.

Also extremely pleased to see we get Triton, more Little Mermaid characters are always appreciated!
I am curious if they can add any more TLM characters, hopefully enough to guarantee a TLM collection.

I’m glad it’s a server update because starting tomorrow I’ll be on vacation and if this was a full update I’d have to find hotspot

We did say even back when he was datamined that the picture looks like he is enjoying himself (maybe way too much).


It is on Wakkatu.


And, I’d like to add that’s the reason I was so impatient for Sisu to be added, even more than for the character herself (who I might upgrade anyway if she’s good, especially seeing she’a a prize wall hero)

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More double cap raises??


RIP SISU 2021-2021 [*]

Not to mention Dash and DW.

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