Patch Notes 3.5.11-A

l already imagined that Sisu would be next in Prize Wall.

Good character choices for the last patch of the year. Still hoping for Marcy Wu, Evelyn Deavor, Victor & Sparky, Elisa Maza, Scooter, Molly McGee & Scratch, Ned & Cornelius, the W.I.T.C.H. girls, Luz Noceda, Bullseye, and Franny Robinson in 2022.


I’m assuming that Raya’s second friendship is with Sisu, considering there was only one empty slot remaining, and both of Sisu’s friendship slots are already full.

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Too much updates. This game need a huge STRIKE
Also, there is still big problems that 99% using the same heroes for Coli n Arena.
HADES, IAN, MEGARA, MUPPET, FEAR, ANGEL, KRONK… So why we are stupid, lets play on these ones only. Lets satisfy with no satisfation.

We need good strike


Not at all…

The amount of updates is fine…


I’d say cap raises at least should slow, but character updates have been pretty steady


I can’t believe Sisu and King Triton are here! That’s so amazing!


Sisu one of the funniest Disney characters and when I first heard about Raya and the last Dragon I knew Sisu was a girl

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Yes, Raya’s second friendship is Sisu.

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Has that been confirmed though?

Yes, in Wakkatu.

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I see now.

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There is only updates about heroes, not about game.

Idk how people become washed brains. But glad if a lot stop to play for be competative. Play for fun with no monay takes you to have all at max level a LONG TIME.
Also they double my offers for even small amount of help, are they normal?!
@Loutre why you dont say something?


Looks like we probably have an effective counter to Slinky, once we can finally actually level him.

Slinky(Po) exists though

But without that disk, ouch.

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Once again, Mim is friends with someone completely opposite from her.



There’s too many shield counters. They become useless nowadays, and Slinky is so way off the meta for months now.

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That doesn’t make sense to me either, but I filed it with the other incomprehensible friendships here:

If they had to use a villian who could become a dragon, why not use Mallificient?

It’s not like she’s much different from Mim in terms of being friends with Sisu


He’s been out of the exclusive crate for over six months, since the beginning of June.

Maleficent is cold, imperious, and obviously evil; Mad Madam Mim is eccentric, playful, and much less obviously wicked. Of those two, Mim seems a much more obvious and entertaining pairing with Sisu. (Although a campaign where Sisu constantly undermines Maleficent’s haughty self-importance could have been awesome, too.)

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