Patch Notes 3.7

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 3.7

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 3.7 Update! This release features Kaa and Bagheera from Disney’s The Jungle Book plus a number of improvements and bug fixes. Also, the snow will be melting away from the City the second time the game is launched after updating, so enjoy it one more time this season!


  • • New! Kaa from Disney’s The Jungle Book!
  • • New! Bagheera from Disney’s The Jungle Book!
  • • Bug fixes and game improvements!


Kaa is a mid-line ”Control” character on the Blue team.



Kaa’s coils drop onto the closest enemy from above, dealing Normal Damage. The enemy is Snared and their Attack Speed is reduced.

Hypnotic Stare

Kaa hypnotizes the closest enemy, Charming them. Kaa decreases their Armor and Reality for the duration of the Charm. Enemies Charmed by Kaa deal bonus Fantastic Damage against their own team with their Basic Attacks for the duration of the Charm.

Tail Grab

Kaa picks up the closest enemy with his tail and constricts them, dealing Normal Damage. Then he Knocks them to the back of the fight, leaving them Snared and Silenced.

Trust in Me

When Kaa Snares an enemy, he reduces their Max HP by a percent for the rest of the wave, up to a maximum.

Snake Strike

Every X Basic Attacks, Kaa will reduce the Armor of his targets by a percent until the end of the wave. Enemies Hypnotized by “Hypnotic Stare” reduce the Reality of their targets with each Basic Attack until the end of the wave. Enemies damaged by “Uncoiled” or “Tail Grab” also have their Tenacity and Evasion reduced until the end of the wave.

Battle Badge

  • Charge Condition: Allies get KO’d
  • Stat Buff: +Max HP
  • Lineup Buff: +Reality per Blue Team Ally
  • Effect Buff: Self Heal over Time


  • Scar
  • Chip & Dale


Bagheera is a front-line ”Support” hero on the Blue team.


Roar Out

Bagheera roars at all enemies, Distracting, Scaring, and Silencing them. This Distraction grants Bagheera Damage Reduction, and grants all other allies Invisibility. If Bagheera was Invisible before this howl, Bagheera loses Invisibility and gains an additional Damage Reduction for those same seconds.

Panther Prowl

Bagheera prowls, gaining Invisibility. Bagheera also Heals.

Fearsome Growl

Bagheera growls to inspire his allies. Bagheera and all allies gain Skill Power, and an additional percent of their Max HP for the rest of the wave. Bagheera and allies can gain additional Max HP from this Skill. If Bagheera was Invisible before this roar, Bagheera loses Invisibility and gains Damage Reduction.

Claw Away

While Invisible, Bagheera and all allies gain Damage Reduction and Heal for a percent of the Damage they deal.

Word Of Bagheera

After applying its debuffs, “Roar Out” now deals Fantastic Damage to all enemies. ”Claw Away” heals for an additional percent of the Damage dealt while Invisible. When Bagheera or any ally drops below a percent of their HP, they immediately gain Invisibility. Each Hero can only gain Invisibility from this Skill once every X seconds.

Battle Badge

  • Charge Condition: Invisible applied to allies
  • Stat Buff: +Max HP
  • Lineup Buff: +Basic Damage per Support Ally
  • Effect Buff: Team Heal over Time


  • Yax
  • Baloo

Hero Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where buffs could not be removed from Fear.

  • Fixed an issue where Anna’s emojis were not displaying correctly

  • Fixed an issue where Pete would no longer use his basic attack after being silenced

  • Fixed an issue where Pete would remain off screen for a looooong time when his movement speed was decreased

  • We’ve removed the Knock Up from Pete’s white skill. Mechanically the skill has not changed, just the visual look.

  • Fixed an issue where Teddy Terror could appear on the opponent team on the battle results screen

  • Fixed an issue where Woody could get turned around and lasso nothing

  • Fixed an issue where using quick fight in Chip & Dale’s friendship campaign could give an error message

  • Fixed an issue with Flik’s disk Suck It Up that was causing a game loop with Darkwing Duck, and Go-Go

  • Fixed an issue with Baloo’s white skill could be interrupted

Other Improvements

  • Added more details to tooltips on the Friendship Disc screen specifically around what’s needed to evolve the disk.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Enhancement where the ‘Save’ setting was not reserving the correct number of badges
  • Fixed a display issue on the hero details screen where collection buffs and collection level information could overlap
  • Fixed an issue on the Arena League Screen where the power of the opponent would display consistently between screens
  • Fixed an issue causing the Invasion Shop to lag
  • Fixed a display issue with the Invasion rankings on iPad devices

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Heroes will not appear in Shops until they refresh.

Servers 1-25 Update

New Heroes

  • A new hero will be available in the Prize Wall starting on Thursday, February 24! We’ll let you know who when we get closer!

Existing Heroes

  • Pete will be an event exclusive hero
  • Anna will be available in the VIP Crate
  • Sisu will only be available in the Diamond Crate
  • Winifred Sanderson will be available in the Elite Campaign

This is a full app and server update that is currently planned for Tuesday, February 22, 2022.


Nice! More Jungle Book characters are here! Kaa and Bagheera!


Maybe I missed it, but where are Kaa and Baghera going @Loutre ?


But where will Bagherra and Kaa be in stores or in game?


Ooh, Kaa looks like he’s gonna be super fun character to use!

As for Bagheera, he looks like an improved Scar! Invisibility is making a resurgence into the meta. Better dust off my Cheshire Cat LOL

This is really cool that we’re getting more Jungle Book characters. I guess Baloo getting a Stat Refresh should’ve been an indication lol

Looking forward to the Prize Wall character! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Not decided yet where they’ll be going as said in the notes ^^


I love surprises please keep it up @Loutre


This is already somewhat more clear :sweat_smile:

One going to the Prize wall, and the other gets another destination


That good one so this update comes out after Valentine’s Day right



More Jungle Book characters and one of them is my favorite villain.

All we need now are Mowgli and Shere Khan and we’ll be all set.


Noice. Any word yet on when the missing 15 Badge Crates per contest will come back? Or if we’ll be getting more Refreshes more consistently and quickly in the near-future?


No Cosmetic Levels prolongation yet @Loutre?


Fitting, considering how mild the winter has been here; just one snowfall worth mentioning, and that was mostly gone within two days.

Now if we can just get two out of Amos Mouse, Roquefort, or Flower, we can have a Sterling Holloway team.

I would totally go for that, regardless of meta or synergy.

That’s a shame, as I enjoyed that goofy little bit of animation.



Nice Kaa is coming!static-assets-upload6027430303405557795



This is amazing! So much cool stuff.
Great hero, great bug fixes, and it was posted so early… it’s soooo cool!!!

I hope it will be Bagheera, he looks so cool, but more importantly, game lacks of support heroes so it would be great to get some a bit easier… his skillset looks really promising, so exciting.

So I hope Bagheera will be in Prize Wall… this would mean Kaa goes to Sign-In for March. :partying_face:

Amazing patch notes. 10/10

Intresting… finally someone does that after Ian.


I think helga is due for replacement


Ot, we can make a Jim Cummings team. We have Kaa, Pooh, Tigger, Cheshire Cat, Darkwing Duck, and Pete.


l knew it was Kaa and Bagheera!

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Lets talk about mother gothel :smirk:


lol, with every new hero that gets released now, I have to scroll back up after reading their skills to double check what role they actually are :thinking:

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