Patch Notes 4.0.10

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 4.0.10

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 4.0.10 Update! This release features Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, the June Sign-In Hero and Shop refresh, and a number of improvements and bug fixes.


  • New! Princess Aurora from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty
  • New! Prince Phillip from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty
  • Improvements and bug fixes!

Princess Aurora

Princess Aurora is a mid-line “Control” hero on the Yellow team. Princess Aurora will be available as the June Sign-In Hero!


Fairy Helpful

Passive: Fauna performs Aurora’s Basic Attacks which deal Fantastic damage and Silence any enemies hit for a duration. Active: Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather fly over the battlefield, removing all Buffs and dealing Fantastic Damage to all enemies. The fairies then each bestow a Debuff of their own upon the enemies: Silence, stacks of Weakness, and a Reality Decrease. Each of these Debuffs lasts for a duration.

Flora’s Barrier

Flora Cleanses Aurora and grants her a Shield for an amount of HP that lasts a duration. While this Shield is active, Aurora blocks all projectiles aimed at her and steals Energy from each enemy whose projectile is blocked.

Merryweather’s Bolt

Merryweather fires a magic bolt at the closest enemy, Knocking them back and dealing Fantastic Damage. The enemy is also Snared, and has their Attack Speed Decreased for a duration.

Fauna’s Magic

Aurora’s Basic Attacks now deal bonus Fantastic Damage and remove Buffs from enemies hit. “Merryweather’s Bolt” also applies a Reality Decrease on enemies hit by Merryweather’s magic bolt for a duration.

Sweet Dreamer

Aurora’s Basic Attacks now target the enemy with the most Buffs. “Fairy Helpful” now also deals Fantastic Damage over X seconds. For every several Buffs removed by Aurora, she Heals the ally missing the most HP for a percent of their Max HP.

Battle Badge

  • Charge Condition: Silence is applied to enemies
  • Stat Buff: +Reality
  • Lineup Buff: +Skill Power per Control Ally
  • Effect Buff: Team Heal over Time


  • Snow White
  • Fairy Godmother

Prince Phillip

Prince Phillip is a front-line “Tank” hero on the Yellow team. Prince Phillip will be available in the next Prize Wall!


Shield Of Virtue

Prince Phillip begins combat with a short sword which grants him additional Attack Speed and bonus Energy from Basic Attacks. Each time this skill is used, he Heals to a percent of his Max HP and has a piece of equipment upgraded by the fairies.

Upon first use, Phillip equips a heater shield and gains an HP Shield for a duration. With the heater shield equipped he has a chance to block incoming skills and attacks. Upon second use, he swaps his short sword to a longsword. With the longsword equipped he gains Basic Damage and increased Basic Attack range. Upon third use, the fairies bless his longsword for a duration. While blessed, his Basic Attacks and damaging Skills deal bonus damage as True Damage. Each use of this skill after the third will reactivate the effects of the third use. Phillip keeps his equipment in between waves.

Triumph Over Evil

Phillip drops to a knee and raises his shield to Cleanse himself. When this happens Phillip and the closest allies gain stacks of Hardy while also having their Armor and Reality increased for a duration.

Sword Of Truth

Phillip walks forward and swings his sword at nearby enemies, dealing Normal Damage and Knocking enemies back with each swing.

Fit For A Prince

Every several seconds, Phillip can block an incoming projectile. After successfully blocking a projectile, he gains an HP Shield for a duration.

Princely Determination

While Phillip’s longsword is blessed he gains bonus Attack Speed. During this time his Basic Attacks heal himself and the closest allies for an amount of HP and deal bonus Fantastic Damage. Allies buffed by “Triumph Over Evil” are also given an HP Shield that lasts for a duration. Each time Phillip uses “Shield Of Virtue”, he Cleanses himself.

Battle Badge

  • Charge Condition: Shield is applied to heroes
  • Stat Buff: +Max HP
  • Lineup Buff: +Basic Damage per Tank Ally
  • Effect Buff: Energized


  • Phil
  • Princess Aurora

Battle Pass starts June 1!

Our new and improved Battle Pass will start on June 1 with Pacha as the exclusive hero! The Battle Pass will function the same as the old Diamond Quest, where you complete Daily Quests to earn progress. There is a free track that everyone can access and a Premium track that can be purchased granting additional rewards.

The Battle Pass runs for 1 month. As the end of the month gets close, players who purchase the Premium track have the option to buyout the remainder of the rewards with Diamonds. Everyone’s Battle Pass will reset at the start of each month.

Hero Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a visual issue with how Kaa is displayed in Hero lineups
  • Fixed an issue where Pacha did not receive heals while the Dance-Off Duo Memory Disk was equipped

Other Improvements

  • New Hercules Collection!
  • We’ve added the ability to delete your game account. You can find it on the Manage Account screen.This will remove all your personal identification information associated with the account. You will no longer have access to purchases, progress, rankings or any resources on the account. This is PERMANENT and CANNOT be reversed by support. If you have multiple accounts, you will only be deleting the account you are currently logged into - the others will remain.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where 3rd Anniversary avatar borders were present in a Cosmetic Collection
  • Fixed a rare issue issue where Gold rewards were sometimes missing from unclaimed Creep Surge rewards Mailbox messages when someone left a guild
  • Fixed an issue where the notification icon on the Quests button remained present despite all Quest rewards being claimed
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to talk to themselves in a private message after unfriending another player

June Sign-In Hero & Shop Refresh

Heroes will appear in Shops after they refresh on May 31. Heroes will appear in Crates after the daily reset at 5AM on June 1.

Servers 1-25 Update

New Hero: Princess Aurora will be the June Sign-In Hero

Existing Heroes

  • Pacha will only be available from the Battle Pass
  • Voyd will be an event exclusive hero featured in contest rewards
  • Kaa will be an event exclusive character featured in the City Watch Crate
  • The Horned King will be available in the Guild Crate
  • Chip and Dale will replace Bunsen and Beaker in the City Watch Shop
  • Eeyore will replace Baloo in the Creep Surge Shop
  • Carl will replace Gerald, Marlin, & Nemo in the Arena Shop
  • Captain Amelia will replace Helga in the Coliseum Shop
  • Linguini & Remy will replace Flynn Rider in the Heist Shop
  • Mr. Big & Koslov will replace Go Go in the Guild War Shop

This is a full app and server update that is currently planned for Tuesday, May 31, 2022.


Excited to see these two finally arrived :tada::tada::tada:


Oh yeah finally the 2 are coming


No hero refresh?
How many refreshes actually happened since we were promised a refresh on every x.10 update? sigh


I just hope there is some question like “Do you really want to delete your account?” after you tap on that delete button.

Oh and I guess we now know Polaris is using Apple device :man_shrugging: and is TL 252 on like… Server 25?


Wow this legendary bug that existed since launch is getting fixed NOW?
It was just funny tbh

Why does he keep appearing in shops-


This worries me…
Why is this getting priority over the tons of other things time could be spent on???


I’m excited for the two new characters from Sleeping Beauty.


Ooooor I was using a debug client on our testing server which has all the options visible :exploding_head:


at least we can expect new issues to be fixed by 2026 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


insert laugh at someone not getting a joke

Well, not really, but like… obviously I am not going to think anything out of a picture lol.

Besides I just wrote all that is on the picture. Except for the server thing as I expected Polaris to reply anyway.


will there be any sort of specific questing required, or is it just totting up the quests as in the old pass?

from the screenshot it looks less like a refresh, and more like a visual reskin with updated rewards :stuck_out_tongue:


These new characters look great!! Nice to see them finally coming to the game.

Ok, this is very concerning to me.

I hope there is more than that…

Polaris/Loutre/Nugget, what security measures are in place for the event someone hacks an account and attempts to delete it? Is it password locked? Some form of ID required? Temporary archival after the fact?

For a game that people invest a lot of money into, I should hope it’s more than a click away from losing all progress.


Both look really good!
Prince Philip especially


Boring :yawning_face:
She does nothing on her own, just like in the movie, so accurate.

Yeah, the premium would make sense if it had a sign-in hero (Aurora now), not old prize wall hero which most of people got 6*.


Why this is a thing? I can see A LOT of problems with this.

OMG… after all these months Chip and Dale are finally free.

and umm… nothing else.


I share these concerns ^^^

Why is this button needed? Players can message support to request a deletion.

Are there really that many players putting in requests that it warrants building an automated button to free up support time?

That would suggest bigger issues with the game :sweat_smile:

I understand that there is probably some sort of legal requirement to enable users to request removal of their data but this seems a bit too easy…

I’d feel much safer if the button was less visually prominent, and just opened the ticket page with a preset message to send rather than actually deleting anything


Oh my word, they went for the Phillip/Phil campaign. :rofl:


Princess Aurora and Prince Phillp is Here. this time rematch with Maleficent!

Musk trying to hide a sign-in hero behind the Battle Pass for whales, as usual.

More concerning to me is the change of rotation induced by this. Will be the special crate deleted? Or are you just postponing (artificially, I must say) giving an Elite Campaign spot to a hero by one additional month?

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Ok this give me a bad feeling…

Yep sounds like a incoming disaster. Are the team sure this is fine to release to public use to everyone? @Polaris @Nugget @Loutre don’t take it bad, but I’m really concerned of the highest change of pushing this button by accident of many players specially the ones that don’t know what that button even means. Or many inconvenience this could cause in a negative way.

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