Patch Notes 4.3.10

Ok I’m glad that the mayor isn’t good at all lol
I’m sorry, I know they worked hard on this character but I personally loathe him lol I just hate him in the movie and I was worried that he’d be a good character but thankfully he isn’t so I won’t have to see this two faced freak everywhere xD
Again I’m not hating on perblue, I’m hating on the mayor

Now we have 5 characters from the nightmare before Christmas

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Thank you for stating the obvious, we would be lost without this post


Perblue finally remembered Miguel :sob::sob:


Did we lose team level catch up challenges after lvl 320? I have 2 accts that are a lil behind. I was working on 1 and realized I didn’t get the challenge when I hit 325, so I checked the other and no challenge in the offers there either. :confused: Ik this issue isn’t exactly about this update, but I’ve looked n I can’t find anything current about it, so I figured that sort of change would be an update issue.

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I hope we see more characters that represent Halloween this month and I know we’re just seeing the Mayer

Nice very nice can’t wait :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Mayor’s skillset looks promising, hopefully he has good stats to back it up too😅
Miguel refresh seems pretty…decent or better too, but if his secondary stats remain unchanged, I’m not sure whether I’ll work him up or not.

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Are you gonna change the profile picture of the game?


They’re really starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel when it comes to new characters.

What are you talking about? We got Meilin just a few weeks ago.

Besides, the Mayor is very appropriate for the holiday.


Besides they wanted to add the Mayor but there are still tons of popular characters that can be added, it’s not that just cause they added the Mayor they’re out of characters

Can’t wait! Also, who’s going to be the next hero? I hope it’s either Anne or Sprig. Sorry, SUPER obsessed with the hero concepts Jake Miller made.


I’d say Yax is roughly equal to the Mayor in terms of screen time and plot importance, and he’s one of the launch heroes, so…?

But unlike Yax, the Mayor got mutiple scenes.

I still stand by this!

Disliking him is fine

We have no idea how strong he is though, the skillset doesn’t look bad

Recently at least we got very good characters, Perry, Meilin, 22, Duff, Gothel, and I guess Milo too. Mmmhh…

Mayor is a much better choice than Underminer, still, wishing it could be Zero or Santa from NBC.

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Aurora, Pacha, Snow White, Phillip, Namaari, Daisy Duck.

Not sure if you’ve seen his white skill but… yep! He’ll be seen on some teams for sure.

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