Patch Notes 4.4.10

Time to save up my stamina and get characters from Zootopia Big Hero 6 and Aladdin to yellow but the only ones who I have in yellow from those franchise is Aladdin and Honey Lemon

Now this will help my top 5 heroes

Still 2 more charakter from zootopia
Gazelle and Flash


YOOOOOOOOOO!!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


I will say so one of the better patch in months

Thx ! :kissing_heart:


Fear all ways works! Because Mayor Bellwether is here!

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Nice and cool updates and stuff. I like how we are getting (Assistant) Mayor Bellwether (also a secret villian) in this game on November 24th and as a Prize Wall Hero of course/no least (lol). November 24th is also Thanksgiving so half of us (people who celebrate Thanksgiving) we will shoveling Thanksgiving foods into our mouths, down our throats, and into our stomachs (sorry). We’ll all be updating our games and doing the Prize Wall Hero challenges to get Mayor Bellwether and upgrading her and stuff. Also Patches seem pretty cool too. Can’t wait for the new update and Mayor Bellwether woo! (idk lol)! :slightly_smiling_face::+1::love_you_gesture::heart::heart::heart::fire::fire::fire::fire:
Also a new Zootopia female character in this game cool (first female Zootopia character being Judy Hopps of course lol) :slightly_smiling_face::+1::love_you_gesture::heart::heart::heart::fire::fire::fire::fire:

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So @Nugget Patch Power raises bonus stats and unlocks talents? Nothing else needed?

Can the next seasonal trial include Pirates of the Caribbean?

Any more core stat updates correlating to seasonal events?

Also please let the team know that Pipsqueak’s observation is correct. We don’t Patch Power to be another whale-only industry like Megabits… and Codebase not scaling at all.


Hopefully, when Kim Possible will get their franchise trial Kim Possible will get her hero refresh, or maybe even small core stats update for Drakken, but eh.

Also, Wreck-It Ralph will get their franchise trial too soon, it’s time to refresh Ralph and Vanellope, this would be great! Calhoun and Felix would be good too.
or from Inside Out, Joy, so her evasion from red skill could finally work.


My boy quackerjack is getting fixed! That deserves a round of applause :clap:

Now this is a first…

A villain as support…


Will the new feature (Patch) only launch on S1-14 or all servers at the same time?


O-M-Goodness! Finally another Zootopia character has arrived! I have to say that’s the perfect time to have Bellwether join since Zootopia + was finally released (which I waited dreadfully for it all year :sweat:) and I definitely enjoyed it!:+1: Watched it twice btw.:wink:
When it comes to hero refreshes, FINALLY Judy is one of them!:star_struck::heart_eyes: The rest of the hero refreshes were also great too.
As for the new patch: Holy cow! This is going to be something possibly this exciting for me, definitely ready for that!:sunglasses:
There’s just so much to say here. And as a Zootopia fan, I’d love to have more characters like Bonnie & Stu, Gazelle, etc. Because each character in the film is so memorable to me, and even if we had a good amount of Zootopia heroes already, I’m still ready for more of them no matter what.:night_with_stars:
I may have to wait for Thanksgiving to get Bellwether, but I’m indeed thankful for this wonderful surprise!:+1: :turkey: Happy early Thanksgiving by the way. :maple_leaf:


@Nugget this is a very important first question

Secondly, will the scaling on S21-25 be as bad as it currently is with megabits and deals?


So now we have to ‘learn’ 5 more ‘abilities’ for every hero there is? That is insane :scream:


It’ll be on all servers!


Mas actualizaciones es muy deprimente ver que no hacen caso acerca de mejorar el juego el puerto las pruebas la invasión el coliseo la arena estan estancados solo subimos rangos de heroes con menos recursos y eso sin nombrar las migajas del codebase solo toca comprar las promociones que cuestan $$$$$ mejoren esas partes del juego que los recursos que se obtienen de las pruebas ,del puerto sean iguales al rango que se va asendiendo, aun no acabamos el muro de premios y ya esta otro muro de premios… :unamused::unamused::unamused:

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Wow! Finally Bellwether is joining the battle! I hope Gazelle and Flash come too. Her skill sets are great and friendships too, l just don’t understand why she’s friends with Agent P.


I think that’s enough for another zootopia characters for that


This is an awesome update and excited for Bellwether and all the refreshes!!!:tada::tada::tada:


Everything in this update is great! But… the patch stuff worries me… why are we making yet another resource-dependent thing when we still aren’t getting enough resources for most other things, like chips for red skills or megabits. Or the worst of all, the mod pieces.

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