Patch Notes 4.4.10

Nice to see Zootopia getting some more love!


All the stat buffs and stuff are really welcome indeed, but this skill still has a huge issue: it’s very easy to evade, and Jafar just gets caught in a loop, wasting time.

I wonder if the refresh preparation became the reason Jafar’s disk got broken. Hopefully things return to their places this time.

Hard to tell now, but I guess the impact on a hero isn’t going to be a big one. However, it is still great to see more trial events.

…okay, that might become the game changer for some of them.

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Yeah why would she befriend Perry when he’s good and she’s not?

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They both work in some form of government service? I thought that connection was relatively obvious.

Also, you say that as if campaigns like Bunsen & Beaker/Yzma or Drakken/Gizmoduck don’t already exist.


Those guys I get because they’re scientists

Support? I would have pinned her as control.

That’s what I was thinking, but having a support villain is cool.

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Idk what happened now but earlier it was said in the patch notes it can no longer be evaded. Now it got edited out for some reason

Doubt it just cause it’s happening with many start of combat effects, not just his

Same here because Bellwether means a sheep leader of a flock with a bell around its neck plus it makes sense in the museum part of Zootopia

I got an email about this took a screenshot and was like OMG a new hero! and then i got on here and found this lol.
This is amazing! So excited for the trials and definently the Big Hero 6 trials bc 2 of Big Hero 6 heros are on my team (Honey Lemon, Go-Go). Wasabi getting a refresh is exciting I might put him back on my team and take Raya off but idk. So Bellweather will come into the prize wall on the 24th and the update is scheduled for the 15th so Monday?! So like 9 days after the update she comes onto the prize wall. Is that the same as Quasimodo?

Looks like the community knew it.
She’s arriving.

Wow. That’s the second time 5 heroes are getting refreshes.

Wow. Talk about a new feature. You should do the same with the Invasion teams.

The question is how do you collect Patch Essence.

That’s only Barley, but what about the rest of the causes of the after battle regeneration SFX?

My guess is that the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter, Goliath, Kronk, Chip and Dale, Daisy Duck, Aurora, Snow White, and Prince Phillip will be added as enemies in this chapter.

Yeah, how will we get patch essence??

How I feel with another game update without more/expanded guild perks to lower the costs of badges (or merc hires for surge) and nothing to spend the over 3m guild perk coins that just keeps growing from guild contests with nothing to use them on.

I don’t see ftp being able to do well in patch mode if they Don’t have the resources to improve them to fight decently in said trials, but let’s wait and see.


I can’t believe Joy’s bug still hasn’t been patched along with the other regeneration causes other than Barley. Is there any new corrupted heroes in the next chapter?

I couldn’t agree more! It’s one of my all time favorite movies, and it deserves so much more content and attention, even though it already had so much attention when it first came out.



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This will be a pain from the looks of it.

Really looks more and more PB wants us to spend to upgrade all heroes …

I wonder how long it will be before this thing ends up in deals, and only there be enough to keep the stuff upgraded. Like, I already don’t care for Badge Tokens anymore, cause it is practically impossible to keep up :man_shrugging:


@Loutre @Nugget since we’re getting a Big Hero 6 trial, I’d like to give feedback about a small change to Go Go’s purple. This is something I already brought up when she was first released, actually.

Go Go is a great hero and doesn’t need a stat refresh right now. However, her purple skill specifically deals the true damage when enemies are above 40% of their max HP after being hit by the normal damage. This causes a lot of inconsistencies as facing enemies with different collection levels or even just a single misplaced crit can ruin the fight completely. It got even worse now that she crits more often, which makes her normal damage actually good but often makes her not deal true damage at all. I just find it a poor choice that you actively want her not to crit, so to deal less damage, so that the true damage is actually applied. And it’s not something you have any control over anyway.

What I’m suggesting is, make her purple skill work so that the HP of enemies is calculated before they take the normal damage. Would fix her inconsistencies, and would also be a slight buff to her damage in some cases, which should keep her from needing stat buffs for much longer.

Could this be passed to the team?


They probably decided to add Bellwether because of Zootopia+


I know many updates are in the works, but instead of giving the players what we want (even just limiting the desired changes to rewards across the game, such as invasion rewards, war rewards, heist rewards, contest rewards) you give us a new feature and a new area to spend money? Can you please focus on changing what is needed before adding more stuff.

For example, 90 mod pieces for 1 of the 9 different mods are spread throughout the invasion tier rewards. You can’t even max out a mod with 90 mod pieces. You can’t even upgrade a reality mod from lvl 3 to lvl 4 with only 90 mod pieces. It cost 100 reality mod pieces.

Again, I know this is a business for you, but I’m less inclined to spend money when the rewards are bad and the basic rewards from things like invasion don’t give me enough to upgrade mods.

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