Patch Notes 4.6

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 4.6

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 4.6 Update! This release features Phoebus, Patch Season 3 plus a number of improvements and bug fixes.


  • New! Phoebus from Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Patch Season 3!
  • Bug fixes and game improvements!


Phoebus is a front-line ”Tank” hero on the Yellow team. Phoebus will be available in the Prize Wall starting January 26th.


Fight Back

Phoebus raises his sword and inspires his allies. Phoebus and his allies gain Attack and Movement Speed and a Shield. Upon using this Skill, Phoebus’s next few Basic Attacks will Stun enemies.

Pommel Pummel

Phoebus strikes the closest enemy with the pommel of his sword. Phoebus deals Normal Damage, Stuns the enemy for a few seconds and Reduces their Armor and Reality.

Mocking Bow

Phoebus bows, Cleansing himself and Healing for a few seconds. While he is Healing, he Distracts enemies and Reflects some of the damage dealt.

Stubborn Soldier

Phoebus is immune to Knockbacks. Each time an enemy attempts to knock him back, the enemy gains a few stacks of Fatigue.

Fatigue stacks have a chance of failing against enemies.

Highest Honor

When Phoebus Stuns an enemy with any of his Skills, he Heals a percentage of his Max HP and gains Damage Reduction for a few seconds. For each enemy Phoebus Distracts during “Mocking Bow”, he gains Armor and Reality for a few seconds. For each Shield that Phoebus provides with Fight Back, he gains a few stacks of Hardy.

Phoebus can Heal and gain Damage Reduction this way once every few seconds.

Battle Badge

  • Charge Condition: Stun is applied to enemies
  • Stat Buff: +Skill Power
  • Lineup Buff: +Max HP per Tank Ally
  • Effect Buff: Team Shield


  • Flynn Rider
  • Esmeralda

Patch Season 3 Information

As Season 2 of Patch has ended, it’s time for us to announce our plans for Season 3. We’re so excited to have Patch in the game and can’t wait for you all to keep exploring and discovering what it has to offer!

The third Season of Patch will begin after the release of the 4.6 update and will run for 4 weeks. After the update goes live, you’ll be able to see the season’s Featured Franchises but the Franchise Trials won’t be available until 9:00 AM CT the next morning.

This season introduces 10 new Heroes into the Patchable Hero pool, spanning 3 Franchises:

  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • Robin Hood
  • Lilo & Stitch

Season 3 will also bring back a familiar Franchise in Zootopia!

This Season will introduce the second Patch Talent for all of your Patched Heroes and you’ll even be able to get a sneak peek at the third talent!

With the second Patch Talent available on Heroes, you’ll now be able to collect Tier 2 Patch Essence from the Franchise Trials! Tier 2 Patch Essence is vital since it’s required to unlock and power up the second Patch Talent.

We currently have a survey running (ends end of work day Monday 1/23 5pm CT) asking for feedback about the Patch feature and would greatly appreciate it if you took the time to fill it out. As Patch continues to develop over time we want you to be an active part in making it the best feature it can be.

Challenger Season Rewards

We’re refreshing the weekly rewards for both Arena and Coliseum Challenger! You’ll see ~2x more hero chips, much more gold, plus Red Skill Chips! Cinderella will be the featured hero for the new season starting January 25!

Hero Improvements & Bug Fixes


  • Max HP, Basic Damage, and Skill Power increased
  • Smoke Switch: Increased bonus Damage to basics, increased Djali’s stats, decreased cooldown.
  • Breathing Fire: Increased Damage and Damage over time
  • Help the People: Increased Heal amount
  • Take a Stand: Increased percent of Heal received as a Shield, increased shield duration, increased Max HP to Djali and Damage per Second to “Breathing Fire”
  • Disguise Masters: Damage to “Breathing Fire” increased, Armor and Reality increased
  • Goated: Djali’s Armor increased, Basic Damage increase, Armor and Reality added

Robin Hood

  • Max HP, Basic Damage, and Skill Power increased
  • Alms for the Poor: HP stolen, True Damage percent, and damage cap increased
  • Hard Nocks: Damage increased, stun duration increased
  • Sure Shot: Debuff block chance increased, “Alms for the Poor” max damage to Studied enemies increased
  • Double the Bows: Basic Damage increase, Reality and Tenacity added
  • Fox Tracking: Heal amount increased, Reality and Evasion added


  • Max HP, Basic Damage, and Skill Power increased
  • Plasma Cannon: Damage increased, Stun duration increased
  • Theoretical Experiment: Max HP increase increased, Basic Damage buff increased
  • Thermal Sight: Precise duration increased, Basic Damage increased
  • Evil Scientist: Damage increase to “Plasma Cannon” increased, Basic Damage and Reality increased
  • Home Video: Basic Damage increased, Armor added
  • Wild Encounter: Armor and Basic Damage increased, Evasion added


  • Max HP, Basic Damage, and Skill Power increased
  • Scrump Show-and-Tell: Increased damage, increased Heal, increased Scare duration, decreased time it takes to Heal
  • Yell Out: Increased Slow percent, increased duration of Slow
  • Hula Help: Dodge and Distract duration increased, Skill Cooldown increase for enemies increased
  • Ohana: Heal amount increased
  • Still Good: Reality reduction increased, Damage addition to “Scrump Show-and-Tell” increased, Max HP and Skill Power increased
  • Days Fly By: Max HP increased, Skill Power increased, Armor and Reality added, HP Healed with ”Scrump Show-and-Tell” increased
  • Scavenger Stunt: Stun Duration increased, Armor and Reality added, HP healed from “Ohana” increased


  • Max HP, Basic Damage, and Skill Power increased
  • Plasma Blast: Damage increased
  • Slobber: Damage increased
  • 626 Scuffle: Damage increased, HP threshold increased, Armor removal amount increased
  • Feel the Groove: Energy gained from Crits increased
  • Cute and Ferocious: Armor and Damage increased, Basic Damage and Skill Power increased
  • Anchor’s Away: Basic Damage increased, Armor and Reality added
  • Highly Caffeinated: Skill Power increased, Armor and Reality added, Armor and Damage to “626 Scuffle” increased


  • Red Skill Changes
    • Energy steal per second down to 20 from 50
    • Energy Steal duration down to 5 from 7
    • Effective nerf is that he goes from max energy stolen of 1750 down to 500

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Zootopia Trial Diamond Rewards to display correctly.
  • Optimizations to reduce game crashes
  • We fixed an exploit within Creep Surge by adjusting enemy lineups and difficulty scaling. Surge Rewards scale with difficulty, so the adjusted scaling will offer similar amounts of total gold across fewer fights.

Other Improvements

  • Introduce “Use X” button when opening certain crates from inventory.
  • Introduce “Use All” button when opening certain crates from inventory.
  • Arena/ Coliseum Lineup cooldown trigger from changes in Memory Disk. Line-ups will need to be resaved to reflect Memory Disk changes.

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Heroes will appear in Shops after they refresh on January 23. Heroes will appear in Crates after the daily reset at 5AM on January 24.

New Heroes

  • Phoebus will be available in the Prize Wall starting January 26th.

Existing Heroes

  • Luca & Alberto will be an IAP exclusive hero
  • Cinderella will only be available in Challenger Season rewards
  • Audrey Ramirez will be an event exclusive hero featured in contest rewards
  • The Mayor will be an event exclusive hero featured in the City Watch Crate
  • Quasimodo will be available in the VIP Crate
  • Meilin Lee will be available in the Guild Crate
  • Duff Killigan will only be available in Diamond Crates
  • Milo Thatch will be available in the Elite Campaign

This is a full app and server update that is currently planned for Tuesday, January 24, 2023.


Wow these notes are really cool and I love the choices for refreshes… glad one of my favorite heroes got refreshed… Stitch :tada::tada::tada:… was expecting Maui too


I didn’t expect another THOND character. Now we need frollo, since he is the villain of the movie.


Interesting. But thankfully Audrey can be easy to get now. It prob time for her to come out from challenger weekly reward and come to an easy way to get her. I can finally get her star up more


I’m happy we’ve got another Hunchback character. But I have a question @Nugget. Why no new character for Challenger season?


An interesting pick, now I have to watch the hunchback of notre dame


Aren’t we forgetting a couple of people… or statues?



I really hate this character…

Stitch buffs on the other hand are good at least!


Well, but the crates will likely be the same. Will the hero be refreshed monthly or are we saying sayonara to Cinderella for another 6 months?

What now?

I guess this was the Server 23 only thing? Or is it now in all servers?

Wonder if it includes 10x Red Skill Crates… you did happen to give a deal with absurd loads of them.

Well at least something good for last 8-22 days before merge consolidations. I guess.


Not really excited for the character (still waiting on a certain movie to be in the game…sighh :zzz:) but I love the rest of the patch notes.

Though I wonder why there’s no new hero for the Challenger season rewards…


It would be pretty absurd to leave another new hero in that spot… because it takes 4+ months to get it to 6* only… this way it will be a part of a… well, now even lengthier… rotation.

Please, randomize the “Event” (City Watch/Coliseum/Arena) Crates already. Or refresh them or something, what a pain.


Yupi! Phoebus is joining the battle!


Also @Nugget now that Zeus is getting “the right nerf” could at least some damage taken away in the last nerf be associated to white skill again?


Cool with Esmeralda refresh. But just pointing something with her purple skill. Should she be inmune to silence? Like Daisy to charms or Ariel with knockback. What is the point with energy gain if she can be silenced too?

I like the new hero, now waiting for Frollo :smirk::smirk:


That’s nice but where is Frollo?

That’s not enough.

And now remove arena and coliseum crates, please and thank you.

Is that tenacity and evasion to Robin and allies or just himself? @Nugget

Same here.
But very nice.

No, no, no!

Her whole flaw is her lack of tenacity/evasion and she gets none?! She will be still bad after refresh.


What’s that?

Fantastic. Finally no more clicking.

Remove these crates!

Finally, after all these months.

Great update overall.

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Excuse me @Nugget can you be more specific with this?

So Zootopia trials are coming back or it this something that all trials have?

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Phoebus :skull::skull::skull:
Such an odd choice


It only means 12 heroes DURING THE YEAR!!

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The Zootopia trials were not displaying all of the rewards earned to players even though players were still receiving all of the correct rewards. I’ve re-worded it to make it a little more clear!


Hopefully next we get Frollo…. He would be an awesome fighter on the battlefield.

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