PBs greed has no limits - Best time to cut your losses is always now

Absolutely respect and support you @Emitz
PB is totally don’t care about ALL players (F2P, dolphins or whales), they just grab all money that we give them and can’t stop. They just use our love to Disney.
PB don’t have any conscience
I already left this game
And I am happy
I am free


I completely agree with a lot of what’s been said, but there’s no reason whatsoever to try to keep all or even a large percent of your characters at top Red skill. In fact, there’s not much reason to keep any of your characters at the top Red skill. The game is so much more fun when you stay a few or even more than a few Red skill levels behind. I maintain 20 or so characters, the rest I don’t even bother with. I am always 4-6 Red skill levels behind on all of my characters, and I’m a Top 5 Player in a Top 10-15 guild. Strategy can win over $$$$.

As for being in a Top 1-5 guild in this game. It has never, ever, been worth the bother or the headache. The war prizes sure aren’t and have not ever been much different. Thus there has never been a reason to throw thousands of dollars at thiis game.


The only way for older heroes to compete with new ones is working on their red skills and maxing them! Along with mods (depend on what your heroes need)

My Elsa has her red skill maxed and she can hold her ground very well. I hope this will encourage you that the old heroes can make a comeback (if you can’t work on new ones)


Yeah I’ve done that with all the listed ones. It’s encouraging, but at the same time frustrating because I do know I need some of the new heroes to compete. I will say I focused on Maximus and Cheshire and they are in my top 4, but I had to neglect all other heroes for a few weeks to get them there.

There are a few exceptions but all in all older equals misery. Even toons that were added a mid game can’t hold up.

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I’ve been seeing the older=bad statement a lot, but the ones they keep slamming for being “useless” still hold their own, so that opinion holds no verified veracity with me now.
The one that amuses me most is the one they say is the worst is top ranked in power, nobody else has been able to exceed that power rating yet.

My Elsa doesn’t have her Red skill yet and she’s still a top hitter.
When she does get it, I imagine she’ll be even more formidable.

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Its very sad to see emitz leave. I always find his list very helpful. His loss makes me question why i should continue to play this game.

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It saddens me to see Emitz leave the game, but I do respect him reason for doing so. Sadly this trend has been a consistently moving issue. It is not my intention to pile on an additional negative comment but it only reinforces the reason as too why many leave the game. I too like many others struggle to maintain a relevant roster of heroes due to the various points many above have listed, but I will say, I dearly love my guild members and the virtual shoulders that we can lean on. Here’s hoping that the developers can find a way for all of us to move forward together.

Good luck and best wishes Emitz :blush:


I may be about to ramble a bit, but I felt the need to offer a counter-opinion and you’ve put your thoughts out there plainly and (somewhat) politely, so let me do the same.

I’ve been playing this game since nearly the very beginning (I was actually looking forward to it before it was released, but here was a while where my phone wouldn’t support it). Since I got the game, I’ve been on nearly every day, doing Invasions, City Watches and Friend Campaigns. For the first year or so I never spent a penny on it, but I did eventually start buying the odd deal. Discerning which offers seemed like good deals before buying, and ever paying more than £10 in one go. Not because I felt like I needed to to have fun or anything, just as a little treat.

I’ve never regretted any investment of time or money in this game. I “religiously” check the forums for announcements of new characters, and I love seeing how they implement every new character and make fitting abilities for them.

Every time I see one of these negative posts talking about the creators being greedy or not caring about their fans getting a lot of agreements, it makes me irrationally upset - not because of the opinions themselves but because of my inability to understand. Before this game I played Avengers Alliance and was incredibly saddened when it was discontinued. I fear (hopefully irrationally) that the end of the game will come at the hands of viewpoints I am unable to understand but that apparently speak for a noticeable chunk of the player base, and that I will have no power to stop it.

For example, in your post here you remark on the Hub as an ultimate expression of flying in the face of what the fans want, and I’m wracking my brain to figure out how it could be seen as negative at all to add more story content. Surely if you didn’t like the story missions, you could just not play them?


Baroness_Eric_II, the thing is that Emitz and Rinzler are/were the top spenders in server 5, so while I don’t know exactly how much they spend per month like if it is over 500 dollars or over 1000 dollars a month, but I would assume over 100 dollars a month might be likely.

While you might spend a little bit for fun, Emitz and Rinzler you could say are nearly spending their life savings or at least a ton of their money in order to stay on the top of the server ranking.
That’s the difference, if you spend a lot you expect to get more out of the game in return and not just forced to spend more money, like feeling rewarded for spending.

While I myself are looking forward to the Hub and more interesting story content myself, for top spenders it means spending more money and maybe even more money than they had previously, like the price for them trying to keep up increasingly raising as the chapters goes up.
While it is true that they could technically not care about the chapters and instead focus on trying to get the new badges from the badge Bazar and such like I mainly do, but it likely won’t work for a top spender and top ranked person as they need the new badges immediately more so likely.

As for whether or not players want the Hub I think depends on what type of player they are.
If they are Explorers like me they likely enjoy the new story content and might be the type that don’t spend a lot, however the Achiever and PvPer type of player more likely don’t necessarily want more chapters, especially Achievers likely if they are the Completionist type of player as well.
Here are a post about the player types in case interested :-).

The Socializer type of player might not necessarily be the type that care that much about new chapters as they just want to talk, but if they either are the type of Socializer that really want to support the game or that want the game to be easy and not that hard might not necessarily like endlessly grinding in the sense of not feeling rewarding.

Here are an explanation on player types more so if interested :-).


I recommend watching this video, it contains stories of real people and should show why Emitz and Rinzler are taking the choice they are taking if they are in similar economic situations. (Probably not as bad, but still these stories says something).


i think most long-term players who’ve spent at least something on the game have 2 main issues -

  • no new playable features added for quite some time - new chapters don’t count.
  • astronomical stamina cost of badges.

The end of the City map provided a good opportunity to go in a fresh direction with a new type of campaign or game mode, and to improve the badge grind.

What did PB do? Copy and paste the existing campaign, and increase the stamina cost.


If games like this don’t evolve, they die. Many people stay for the Disney theme, but if they are financially incapable of playing with their favourite characters, they won’t stay long.

It’s different to something like an RPG or Shooter game where there’s endless replayability thanks to the player having total control over an infinite number of situations - there’s only so much fixed grinding someone can do before getting fed up.


PB, throughout the game’s life span, has mastered the art of deception.

  • They heavily nerf heroes that they call a “bug fix” (Quorra, Bo, Gizmo, Fear, and now Wasabi)
  • They make most wanted heroes worst than the rest (Kim and Basil)
  • They add side stories that expand the game in creative ways but soon remove them (friendship missions)

And now they’re constantly making things harder for P2Ws to catch up. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see this game sunset by the end of this year. (That is, if the forums will still be available) If PB really wants us to stay, then they’ll need to ACTUALLY AND ACTIVELY RESPOND TO OUR FEEDBACK whether is be hero balancing or stamina balancing, because this is going down a deep, dark path.

I never spent a single dollar on this game, and I never have intentions of doing so.

And good luck Emtiz. I wish you the best.


My primary concern is about RNG lootboxes.
They’ve investigated this issue a lot and have classified it as problem gambling, people throwing away a fortune trying to get that rare prize.
It feeds all the same biochemical/psychological addiction triggers/

Unfortunately, the international symposium they held recently to decide if RNG lootboxes never passed the law or proposal, which I hoped would be the outcome, as it would force games to sell the grand prize directly instead of using RNG to determine who gets it.

And I applaud the Netherlands for passing the law independently, even if they did cause SquareEnix to revoke KHux in that country.
That in itself is concerning, that companies would rather take their game away from fans then lose the income from their RNG boxes.
But if the proposal had gone global, then they’d have no option. but to comply with the new law, or have no customers/game.

Honestly, Kim is viable, anyone who says otherwise hasn’t truly used her.
She doesn’t need updating because her skills are just that powerful/useful.
There is nobody else like her in the game, she has three active skills and can be a healer or a stunner depending on what is needed.
And she applies health degeneration when an enemy is marked.
Plus her Red skill makes her SuperCrit.


Glad to see someone of high influence finally speaking up about PB’s greed.
As Ive said before, the game is more and more P2W everyday. Contests are a joke and content is sparse.
And no, new heroes arent content.
Contests that are all about spending or repeating the same daily grind that youre already doing contributes nothing new to the game and only makes the daily grind even more boring than before.
Contests/Events are meant to break up the monotony of a game like this. Adding unique event bosses, or event campaigns with unique strats and unique rewards. This is not it.
Game is slowly dying and PB is so out of touch.

  1. Kim is viable with so little teams it makes her near impossible to use.
  2. Wrong, her stats are indeed 2019 ones, in the terms of where she SHOULD HAVE BEEN released, not WHEN she released, in late 2020.
  3. None of them is game-breaking and all three come short of any super-significant use.
  4. Many characters do that, it´s called DOT :man_shrugging:
  5. Every 3rd Basic Attack? She does not even have a guaranteed Normal Crit on all enemies.

New heroes are content NOBODY wants at this point. Because people know that:

  1. To stay relevant in PvP, you are obliged to raise the character. That equals a 20 dollar setback.
  2. There are three of them in a month. Which means a 60 dollar setback.
  3. People are not stupid to not figure out every “godly” character is indirectly nerfed to a super-niche in 3 months. So you are obliged altogether to spend 60 dollars every 3 months at the least and they might not even really be likeable to you.

Good luck, Emitz. Again I want to thank you for your work officially so to speak.
We sparred here and there and my intention was to emphasize my frustration a lot if moons ago I had with the “game” and not to offend you.
Game economy and hero balance is non existent and unfortunately I lost faith in any improvement long time ago. The disparity of game experience and money was a big problem starting with Orange rarity imho and became unbearable with Red10 rarity.
Wish you personally the very best. Take care!

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I might be wrong and I hope @Emitz might clarify but i was in his stream when he said that the hub was the least creative thing per blu could have done. They just added another 60+ regions and Emitz has no interest in levelling his heroes to level 600

He suggested they could have added another difficulty which would have gave you better rewards like an elite+. Free stamina or double rewards something like that

Added modifiers to regions or applying a certain item and you would get different drops


@Cozta Then again to me, no new story content for the Campaign sounds boring to me as my interest relies mainly on the want for new story content. While it is true there are Friendship Campaigns, the thing is that you have to potentially level up at least 1 of the friendship characters and as such eat a lot of resources.
While that might not be a problem for characters you do want in your team, for characters you just want the friendship story for is a lot harder to justify.

What I think PerBlue should rather have done would be to maybe have level cap raises every month and rank cap raises every 2 months, that way balancing the badge grind some and not stressing the top players so much with the fact that Hub are coming.

As for Elite+ I am not sure if I care that much for myself concept wise, but of course double badge drops would be nice. It having remixed badge placings could be an idea too, like badges getting new grind combinations with other badges :-).

It isn’t a bad idea, but if it were to come I hope it would come with remixed badge grind spots as there would be new things to discover that way more so to say.

That’s a funny definition of “Nobody”, new heroes are my favourite part of any update

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