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Hi, I thought it could be fun to ask what kind of player types people here are and share opinions between us how we go about the game and such. Happened to start some talk about player types in a private group chat where each of us saying what type we are, so thought it could be fun to expand it out into the forum itself so more people can join in if they are interested :-).

The Player Types:
Achievers: One who enjoys the competitive aspect and/or completionist aspect. Seeing their overall power increasing and getting acknowledgement for their progress can also be something an Achiever likes.

Explorers: The type of player who enjoys discovering new things like story, lore, team combination experimentation. Searching for new information and knowledge can be a Explorer trait too.

Socializers: Socializers are type of player that enjoys talking and interacting with other people in the game, rather than necessarily playing the game itself all that much. Wanting play and be a good leveled player in order to support and help the community/guild can be a part of a Socializer as well.

K!llers/PvPers: The PvP type person, who enjoy playing against other player, maybe also besting them and taunt and similar.
If wanting to distinguish between wanting to focus on PvP as in like focusing on gameplay PvP like the Arena and chat spars one can say PvPer, K!llers being the type that might diminish others’s fun for their own fun.
The player types are from Bartle’s Taxonomy, although while based on old MUDs as in old type of multiplayer text adventure, but should still apply to most multiplayer related mediums.
This should be one of the original posts of Bartle’s Taxonomy:

I personally are mainly an Explorer type of player, with Achiever and Socializer as sub traits.
The type of player who player for the story and lore, want to do decently and have fun helping people improve in terms of the game :-).

So yeah. hope you all enjoy and find the Player types discussing fun :-).

Edit: Also, Pipsqueak posted a link to a Player type question test, so thought I post in the main post so that it is easier to find :-).


Interesting topic!

Myself i think i would mainly be an Achiever, with explorer and socializer (mostly to help people out with playing, and group strategy for the guild) as sub-things

Nice topic. I’m definitely a Socializer. I enjoy the guild chat, connecting and talking to other people and the forums are great fun!


Glad you two like the topic and find it interesting :-).

Cool, fun to hear what types you two are and appreciate that you joining in ^^.

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I’m a mix of everything but mostly PVP(killer)/achiever

I am a achiever/explorer because I like to max out my heroes and try to be at my best, but I also like doing the other game modes and campaign since the story is interesting.


I see, cool Allaboutmagic7 :-). A type of player that mainly enjoying the PvP related aspects.
If I am right, you would like a live PvP mode where players can play against each other in real time?

Based on what you say RedDragonDash, I think you might be mainly an Achiever who may have Explorer as a sub trait, since it is the Achiever aspect that is the main reason why you play based on what you say. The Explorer aspects be a bit like the icing on the cake for you, making the main/base experience better and more interesting :-). Cool ^^.

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Same here.

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I think I am an explorer :slightly_smiling_face:

Ohhh PVP in real time that would be cool. Maybe PB should do that.

Duels challenge opponents that are online RN.

And well… I also like the socializing part of the game. I’m a mix lol. A divergent :rofl:

Grim_Grinning_Ghost@ Heros_Porcinet_XCIX@ Nice ^^.

Would be interesting, but not sure how the actual combat would go, since I imagine they would probably take off the cooldowns or to say the small breaks right after you activate the skill, or at least otherwise players in back and forth have to wait a bit on the other finish the pausing animation.
Still, would definitely be cool for the game if they do it :-).

Yeah and maybe send emojis to each otherwhile battling :-).

Hehe, fair enough ;-). At least the player type you are comes down to what are the main appeal to you and without it you wouldn’t be all that interested in the game to say. For me that would be the stories/dialog, so without the stories/dialog I likely wouldn’t still be playing.

Definitely an explorer.

Should maybe have shared this earlier, but yeah thought I do it now :-).

This is the visualization of Bartle’s Taxonomy:

Achievers act on the game.
Explorers interact with the game.
Socializers interact with other players.
Killers act on other players.


Achiever :stuck_out_tongue: with a bit of Explorer too.

using the forums as a measure I’d guess maybe 40% of the player base are Socialisers and the other 3 are around 20% each - with the ‘Killers’ being those more likely to spend a lot of money

I am mostly an achiever with explorer mixed in and equal to that. Then just a bit of socializer with my guild and the forums only.

CommanderStorm@ Nice, cool to hear that you are an Explorer too ^^.

Pipsqueak@ I see and cool :-).

Wouldn’t be surprised if Socializers are a large portion of the player base, have heard that most people are the Socializer type of player afterall. I am not sure if the Killer type of player are the most likely to spend, I would say Achievers and Socializers might be the more likely ones to spend a lot, although in terms of the Socializers it depends a bit on the type as in like just chatting or support a community.

Unless wanting to get all the story and friendship content and similar I assume the Explorers are the type least likely to spend, although maybe the type most likely to convert the other types into spenders.
Like because of giving tips and helping.

Imagineer_V@ I see and sounds like a pretty good mix :-).


Somebody happened to post this survey today on a Reddit I’m in, it gives you a score for each type. I got these scores :smile: it’s interesting




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