Peevy (the Rocketeer Hero Concept)



Peevy is one of the best engineers in 1930s Los Angeles, so bringing him in will surely be worth your time.
Trial Team: Yellow
Role: Midline Support
Stars: :star:
Quote: “We’re gonna need one hell of a lawyer.”

Entrance: Peevy pulls into the battlefield in his truck.
Victory: Peevy flaccidly chuckles.
KO: Peevy gets down on the floor in panic.

Basic Attack: Peevy flings oil on enemies, dealing damage.

White Skill - Handyman’s Help - Fantastic Damage
Peevy approaches the weakest ally to fix their equipment for 5 seconds. While he grants X HP to them during that time block, he also completely gives them all his Skill power. After the 5 seconds are up, the ally keeps the newly gained HP, but loses Peevy’s Skill power.

Green Skill - One-Two
Peevy delivers a powerful punch to the closest enemy, dealing X damage and stealing X HP.

Blue Skill - Blueprint Barricade
Peevy analyzes blueprints for Cliff Secord’s rocket, studying the strongest enemy for 3 seconds and granting himself X shield. Peevy gains X HP each time enemies attack him while his shield is going.

Purple Skill - A Little Bit of Luck
Each time enemies deal damage to Peevy, a different buff is applied to a random ally, consisting of a 15% attack speed increase, X additional Skill power, or 3 seconds of invincibility.

Red Skill - Easy Fix
Peevy gains X HP each time enemies attempt to deal damage to him while he is performing his “Handyman’s Help” skill. His armor is increased to X, and his attack speed is increased by 40%.

Peevy + the Rocketeer
Campaign: Like Old Times - A thief is running loose around the City and potentially working for a certain iconic villain. Cliff and Peevy step up to the plate and work to uncover who the thief is working for.
Disk: Never Had a Doubt
Disk Memory: Peevy is invincible 6 seconds after performing his “One-Two” skill.
Disk Power: Z Basic Skill power
Allies: Judy Hopps, Megara, Basil of Baker Street

Peevy + Felix
Campaign: Jealous Much? - Peevy is mildly jealous of Felix’s quick repairing abilities. Eager to prove the hammer is a cheap loophole around hard work, Peevy decides to set a record for the “fastest repair job without a magic hammer.”
Disk: Pies of Labor
Disk Memory: Peevy inspires allies and increases their attack speeds by 25% each time he performs his “Blueprint Barricade” skill.
Disk Power: Z HP gain, Z shield power
Allies: Vannelope, Sally, Esmerelda

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