Pepa Madrigal - Hero Concept

Pepa Madrigal

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Pepa twirls her way to the battlefield, using her gift to help all of her allies.

“I know Mama but now I can’t find Antonio! What do you want from me.”

Stars: :star2:

Role: Control

Position: Backlike

Trials Team: Yellow

Basic Attack: See passive

Entrance: Pepa enters the battlefield holding her dress up, swaying side to side. When she’s in her position she puts her dress down and gives off a polite smile.

Victory: Sunshine begins to gleam off her face as she twirls around with excitement.

Defeat: Grey and thundering clouds start to approach, she then sits down slowly and puts her hands on her face, alas the clouds cover her until she glitches out of battle.


:white_circle: White Skill: Clear Skies
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage

Passive: Every second basic attack Pepa receives a grey and stormy cloud appears above her head. Every 5 seconds the clouds damage the enemy with the least HP for X damage. As more clouds appear the damage is increased by 3%. She can make 10 clouds appear maximum.

Active: Pepa breathes slowly and then smiles happily, slowly rowing her hand over her head. This creates a rainbow and “clears” the skies. Depending on many clouds she had above her head all allies heal X hp per cloud. The rainbow stays in the battlefield for the next 5 seconds, during this team all allies are immune to debuffs for the time the rainbow is still up.

:green_circle: Green Skill: Bright Skies

Pepa clasps her hands together with a great smile, she speeds up all her allies by 180% and energizes all allies for the next 12 seconds. This cannot stacked. Energized allies gain X energy per basic attack.

If an ally kills an enemy while energized they gain 600 energy and heal X hp.

:large_blue_circle: Blue Skill: Forming Clouds
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage

Multiple storm clouds erupt above enemies, dealing X damage. They apply “Struck” to all enemies for 8 seconds. The. the clouds leave the screen. If all of Pepa’s allies are above 50% up during this skill they all gain 350 energy.

“Struck” Enemies have a 80% to reflect a debuff back onto them. If they send out a debuff to an ally the debuff might not hit the ally but the enemy applying the debuff will be affected instead.

Struck has a chance to fail against enemies above level X

:purple_circle: Purple Skill: Weathered Temper

Whenever “Struck” takes effect all allies heal for X hp and have their skill power increased by X.

Skill power increase has a chance to fail against enemies above level X

:red_circle: Red Skill: Not A Hurricane!

For the first 7 seconds of a wave enemies are not able to receive buffs.

During “Clear Skies” enemies are now sapped for 10 seconds, while Pepa’s skies are still clear she knows what the enemies have done to her current teammates resulting in a short rage.

+Z Tenacity
+Z Skill Power
+Z Healing on “Clear Skies”

Buffs do not apply to enemies have a chance to fail against enemies above level X


Anger Management

Pepa Madrigal and Calhoun

All enemies lose X Skill Power and X Max hp whenever Pepa’s cloud attacks an enemy or Pepa makes a cloud appear, additionally her clouds damage is increased by X.

Disk Power
+Z Max HP
+X Energy gain when allies perform a basic attack when energized.
+Z Reality

+5% Skill Power
+2% Base attack speed

Allies: Jessie, Carl, Shego

“Future” Vision

Pepa Madrigal and Powerline

Pepa revives the first fallen ally, this can be her. The ally gains max hp on revival, 20% attack boost, a 200% attack speed boost, 15% defence boost all for 14 seconds.

Disk Power
+Z Energy gain for all allies and Pepa from all sources.
+X Tenacity

+3% Defence Boost
+2% Attack Boost
+2% healing from all sources for Pepa and all allies

Allies: Goofy, Russel & Kevin, Elsa.

Which friendship would you use?
  • Pepa Madrigal & Powerline
  • Pepa Madrigal & Calhoun

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Hey y’all! I haven’t made a concept in a long time and i’m sorry, I just lost a general interest in DHBM :((( Hope you enjoy this concept for one of my favourite characters in Disney’s new move Encanto!


If anyone is reading this “late” or after the edits or if anyone decides to come back I was not proud of this concept so I had made a revamp of her blue skill, purple skill, red skill and her friendship with Calhoun and she is no longer a support, she’s now a control hero :slight_smile:

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