Perblue please listen

Ok not gonna be a long winded post. This update was IDENTICAL to all servers except endless surge is open to all. However the deals are horribly different I’ve posted what is s1, s19, s21 and s22 update deals. Still worst of all the difference between s19,s21, and s22 is one cap raise update. Please stop bleeding s21 and s22 let us enjoy the game like other servera instead of the current situation.

Thank you.


Yikes, way unbalanced in terms of rewards between the servers yeah.

I recommend posting it in the PerBlue, let's talk and Server 21 purchase strike(all servers welcome) post as well.


SERVER 22 vip 11
I love this game and don’t mind spending money, until i recently found out about all the great deals we weren’t getting!!

i have never had over 5m in gold. I pay 49.99 for 3m and there is deals for 500m+!!??

I have never had more than 16 staminas!! I’ve seen deals today for 8000+ staminas!!

I’ve never had more than 5 crates diamond or cosmetic to open!! My current deal is TWO CRATES!! THE OTHER SEVERS GET 60+ COSMETIC CRATES!!

I am finished with this game now, its not fair other people are progressing getting them kind of deals. Wish i could take back all my time & money.

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