[PG] Darkwing Duck Appreciation Thread

Nothing wrong with self plugs and I mean yeah, but still the best villain is Negaduck

What other villain can do this? Lol

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He’s my favorite villain

If you’re posting images based on that then I wouldn’t…


I don’t get what you mean :thinking:
I assume anything lewd is unacceptable because it’s Disney, obviously…
But when it comes to clothed fan art and images, if you perceive them as too attractive then that is your business. Right?

I said in the original post that fan art is allowed.
Basically any Darkwing Duck themed art that does not break the rules of the fourms is allowed here.

Also I hate to point out the obvious but some people might be attracted to nonsense characters, like I have a crush on Dr Bushroot but other than his labcoat, he often runs around nude… And that’s apparently ok because he is a plant? Well I ain’t complaining, but my attraction to him is my own business… He is allowed to be just straight up nude though, also Donald Duck is a duck and he wears no pants 🤷 apparently that’s ok too, so where do you want to draw the line on this stuff? :rofl:

raises eyebrow

I wouldn’t call fanart revealing undergarments and the meaning of the background “PG” :neutral_face:

That artwork is PG-13


Ok so it’s artwork of Darkwing Duck right? So let’s search up what the age rating of Darkwing Duck is…

The cartoon is rated TV-Y7 and wavers between PG and PG-13. Most material is PG, but examples of PG-13 include “Dead Duck” and “Hot Spells”, which respectively feature the Grim Reaper and Beelzebub. A few onscreen deaths occur too, such as in “Heavy Mental” and “Paint Misbehavin”, but most violence is slapstick exaggerated cartoon violence with no lasting consequences.

So that’s interesting…
Some of the main PG 13 episodes include a Devil one, a Splatter one and a Morgana one.
The exact characters in question here.

Also I still don’t understand your logic of being only upset at seeing Morganas hot socks when I had also posted two images of Beelzebub, one in a sexy holiday pose and he is not wearing pants in either image!

That happened and you seem not to notice or care, so I don’t think you know what “clothed” means :thinking:

Also I posted some super hot Dr Bushroot images earlier and you don’t care about that at all, why?

Is it because you don’t see the attractiveness in Male characters? That’s totally your own business though, but you must understand that others can view it that way so by that logic… you kinda appear biased towards a female character just because she showed a fairly normal item of clothing while half the males all run around pantsless without you blinking an eye


Not this kind of PG-13.

That’s your opinion :man_shrugging:

For Pete’s sake this is a forum about a game, this is not solely the Darkwing Duck fandom where you can share any kind of fanart that contains suggestive content



For Pete’s sake that’s exactly what we are talking about, our opinions on what you think is allowed in my thread… because apparently you are the grand overlord admin of all digital content so it’s your opinion that matters, right?
Someone put you in charge of judging internet things with a PG rating, right?
Someone official asked you to do the important task to monitor these threads incase anyone shows a woman’s leg wearing a stocking. Right?
Sarcasm 🤦

That relates to lots of Disney content, not just the Darkwing Fandom. Also “suggestive” is clearly subjective to the views of the individual observer, and also “suggestive” does not mean “lewd” or “offensive” so no crime is committed by something suggestive. Right?

Well… It is the Darkwing Appreciation Thread… soooooo :thinking: yeah, the fandom is here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

But I am sorry for the fustration and sarcasm earlier this message, it’s not like me to lose my cool.
Anyway I will add a PG warning in the title for you.
Happy now? x

I’m pretty sure every Disney film includes exposed, humanoid hips and thighs :neutral_face:

Not just fanart, no.

The only example you can give me is probably the Incredibles, but that’s only one movie, nor is it expressed excessively.


The forum rules also apply here. “:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hmm? What are you talking about? That’s not the only form of “suggestive content” in Disney, but there is also plenty of that

And not just in the film’s but in the shows too

Lots of legs… So what was your point?

Also you are well off topic here. This Thread is about Darkwing Duck.

Do you even know what I’m talking about? Do you know what I’m specifically talking about?


If you feel any rules are broken then feel free to report the thread.
Outside of that please try to stay on the topic of Darkwing Duck Appreciation.
Getting off topic is too dangerious!

You didn’t answer. Do you know what I’m talking about?


No one knows what you are on about because you got waaaaaaaay off topic and I humored you at first but you straight up just ignored more or less everything serious I said.
So this was a waste of time and now whatever game this was is over.
The thread is returning to the main topic of Darkwing Duck Appreciation and I will begin flagging off topic messages if I have to, so please pull it in line now or politely take your leave.

People wanted to talk about the Negaduck, so let’s talk Negaduck.
What is your favourite thing about NegaDuck? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m talking about the image below this quote

Now tell me, what isn’t suggestive about this?


See, you have clearly ignored me entirely.
As I already said: It is no more suggestive than a picture of Bushroot looking hot in his lab coat, or the Devil laying suggestivly in a hammock.
Your main concern seems to be that a female showed a stocking, and that sounds like straight up sexism to me so it will not be tolerated in this thread.

As for suggestive content, it’s already littered across Disney and as I said it’s not just about thighs and hips.
Disney contains all kinds of suggestive content.
Questionable dialogue counts as suggestive context. Weird plotlines can count too.
Remember that time a dude literally kissed a princess out of a magic coma with his love, tell me what isn’t suggestive about that? Yet the point is that that’s fine, so if suggestive things are actually fine then no crimes have occurred here…
Other than the crime of getting off-topic here, which I will now be flagging for.

So, back on topic. Negaduck, what do people love about him?

The context of the fanart is a little more than stockings, Casey.


Oh I remember a good Negaduck moment.
I really liked that time he became Mega-Negaduck after he stole Megavolt’s ability to project electricity, Liquidator’s ability to control water, Bushroot’s ability to control plants and Quackerjack’s wackiness…


Even though he also possessed their weaknesses, such as Megavolt’s vulnerability to water and Liquidator’s vulnerability to cement…

Mega-Negaduck was still a total boss :sunglasses:

He’s looks cool

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