[PG] Darkwing Duck Appreciation Thread

There’s a Darkwing Duck reboot!?

There is going to be, it’s not out yet. They are working on it, but production is slow due to how dangerious it is…

How have we gotten this far into a Darkwing thread without anyone mentioning this guy?


I forgot his name

Dr. Reginald Bushroot
The best plant man (duck) that I have ever seen!

His name is Bushroot. He’s a cool villain. Idk why he’s a dead guy in the reboot.

His voice actor died… R.I.P Original Bushroot.
We still love you and never forget you.

Well that and the fact that he literally looks dead in the reboot.

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Am I the only person in this thread who likes the villain paddywhack?

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Imo he looks better that way


Splatter Phoenix is far superior than all the villains in the show, including Negaduck.

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Well it’s a tricky one since his voice was iconic to his character in the old show…
So their options for a reboot version are:
A. Replace his voice with a new voice actor.
B. Make him dead/mute.
C. Use old voice clips of him (limiting what he can say)
D. Load his old voice clips into an A.I that can generate a copy of his voice (it would be bad, but it would be something)

I personally liked original Bushroot more, but I can understand why they went in this direction with his reboot.

I MEANT HIS APPEARANCE, NOT JUST HIS ACTOR. He looks rotted away. That’s what I meant.

Apologies for the confusion.

I do! He is brilliant and scary!

They can’t make him look the same since that can’t make him sound the same. So they had to solve the voice issue first in order to be able to decide on a new appearance to match.

Making him dead/mute was an active choice.
It’s directly related. That’s what I meant.

Opinion still stands.

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Cough Megavolt and quackerjack Cough cough

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cough She can erase them with some turpentine solvent cough cough

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I’m not arguing this, but I am curious to hear your reasoning…

Especially considering that the show has had villains like mind controlling hats, characters that are basically the forces of nature and not to forget the Devil himself :sweat_smile:

She’s beautiful, she’s strong, she’s intelligent, she’s an artist (albeit a terrible one), and she deserves to be in the game.

shameless self plug
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