[PG] Darkwing Duck Appreciation Thread

Hello Hero’s!

Many of you know me by now (as a headcase) but for those who don’t, you should know that I began playing this game 41 days ago with only one true goal…

And today I have achieved that goal:

I have finally unlocked Darkwing Duck!!!

To celebrate, I want us all to now have the most dangerous Darkwing Thread that ever flapped in the night!

Everything and anything from the Darkwing lore is allowed and on topic! Go nuts!!
Post theory’s, fanarts, manic ramblings and the works!

"Let’s get dangerious!" ~Darkwing Duck


Well, speaking of which, has there been any more news of the potential Darkwing Duck reboot?


Well I believe it is confirmed and happening.
As for when it will be and what it will look like…
We have no idea.

Although if I had to guess, it will probably look something like the Darkwing from the Ducktales Reboot:


I like Darkwing Duck and I have him


That’s brilliant!
It feels good to have Darkwing on your side :grin:

I’m so glad Darkwing got refreshed. He’s so underrated both in game and his show.


Darkwing Duck is op


This is very true.
I admit he is so undervalued in the world that he completely slipped my radar for years and I didn’t even know he existed until he appeared in Ducktales reboot.

Then I was hooked.
The deeper into the Darkwing lore and fandoms that you dig, the more stuff you find!
It’s like a near bottomless pit of dangerious information.
He has a brilliant cast of enemies and rivals, many so complicated that the lore alone would take weeks to unravel…
Like the actual Devil being one of his enemies :rofl: lol



A thread where I can finally appreciate my favorite Disney afternoon character!
tenor (50)


Oh, my God yes! A thread like this finally!

He’s definitely my favorite Disney Afternoon character and one of my favorite Disney characters overall. He is so good in this game also. His red skill is so great for self survivability.

Stay Dangerous.


Yes feel free to appreciate to your heart’s content.
I know I am :grin:

Yes!! Me too my friend, me too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also can we take a moment to talk about our thoughts/feelings on the fact that in the Ducktales reboot (spoilers) the original Darkwing shows up, a fanboy replaces him and becomes the new Darkwing… so the original Darkwing becomes the new Negaduck.

I think it’s good!
I am glad there is finally a real solid backstory (and motivation) for Negaduck, as the original Negaduck had like 6 different conflicting origin stories and almost no established motive for his actions other than just being the Anti-Darkwing :sweat_smile:


I really need to get my hands on some Darkwing comic books. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I just found an image online that apparently (spoilers) in the 17th Darkwing comic this happened:

So I can’t tell if that’s Mega-Negaduck or Paddywhack but either way they seem to have gotten into the Gizmoduck suit to cause mass destruction!

So now I am sold and want to read all of the comics to find out exactly what happened :rofl: hahaha


Darkwing Duck is my favorite afternoon show


That’s awesome. Also, I feel like someone should do a subsidiary Gizmoduck appreciation thread. He’s honestly just as cool and fun. And also, he’s Lin Manuel Miranda in the reboot which is enough reasoning for me. I may do it, lol

I like Gizmo Duck

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That is a good idea. Lots of people seem to like him. But Darkwing does not like him

That is fine, but this is a Darkwing Thread and as Darkwing has said himself: “I am better than Gizmoduck”

Also let’s not forget what happened when Gizmoduck met Darkwings Girlfriend, Morgana Macawber!

It’s a Batman, Superman kind of a deal…

Actually since Gizmoduck is kind of like Iron Man, it actually more of Batman Iron Man thing.

He is right. I mean, Gizmo needs a whole suit of gadgets to fight crime, all DW needs is his gun so evildoers can suck gas!

And I mean, yeah, Gizmo was real happy to see Morgana. “HiiiiiiiIiiI!”, but let’s be honest. Reboot Gizmoduck is better. Because Lin.

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As far as I can tell, more or less the dynamic is that Gizmoduck views Darkwing as a friend and ally, but Darkwing views Gizmoduck as a rival and a bother.


This is very true. He is a lot nicer and more genuine in the reboot. He is now actually a very likeable character 🤷

I agree. OG Gizmo was as useless as Kim and Basil. He’s so self absorbent, it’s very irritating.

Excited for the Darkwing reboot!

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