Pharoah of the stars (unlikely concept)

Star-Pharoah Marvin

Stars: :star::star::star:
Position: Backline
Role: Support
Trial team: Red

“Greetings, earth creature”

the one-true pharoah heals and buffs allies with divine powers while also denying enemies of their buffs in the process


Entrance: Marvin’s throne appears then he teleports onto his throne and sits down on it

Victory: Star-Pharoah Marvin raises his crook into the air

Defeat: Star-Pharoah Marvin’s throne falls on top of Marvin as his crook ends up in front of the fallen throne

Basic attack: Star-Pharoah Marvin points his crook at the nearest enemy while a lazer from his throne zaps the enemy, dealing X damage



White: God-kings decree (TRUE DAMAGE)

Passive: each basic attack and “divine denial” now steals 45% energy and up to 2 stacks of hardy from the target enemy and gives them to the weakest ally.

Active: Star-Pharoah Marvin sends a decree out and zaps all enemies with electricity, dealing X damage to all enemies with X extra damage dealt per the amount of health that each enemy has left.

Energy steal is less effective against enemies above LV Z


Green: Divine denial (Fantastic damage)

Every third basic attack, a lazer ray appears from a black hole in front of Marvin and zaps the enemy with the most buffs, dealing X damage to the enemy and dealing X damage overtime for 5 seconds

This skill also heals the ally with the most buffs for X amount.


Blue: Everpresent

A random stat on star-pharoah marvin is increased by X amount every 5 seconds while also healing all allies for X amount per each increased stat on star-pharoah marvin.

Increased stats and healing are less effective against allies above LV Z


Purple: One-true healer

When Marvin heals an ally for a third time, that ally becomes immune to disables for 10 seconds. When they would get hit by a disable, the ally instead blocks the disable and heal themselves for X amount and gain 2 random buffs.

If the ally has more than 3 buffs on them, they are granted 3 to 5 stacks of hardy.

Given buffs and healing are less effective against allies above LV Z


Red: Past-foward

All increased stats on star-pharoah marvin now increases his critical damage by 25% per each increased stat on him

Whenever an enemy gains more than 3 buffs, their buffs automatically ends no matter if they are protected or not and they are replaced with the debuff version of the buff with the same duration of the buffs that they once had.
+X damage to “God-kings decree”
+X skill power
+X armor


Star-Pharoah Marvin/Jasmine
Star sultan
stronger duplicated buffs

Buffs that are duplicated by other allies are now 100% more stronger.

Star-Pharoah Marvin/Pleakley
Ancient space-gypt
Stronger when granting buffs

Star-Pharoah Marvin now gains X skill power and X max HP for every 3rd buff he grants to an ally.


Shouldn’t it be “every 3 basic attacks”? Like, after his third basic attack this just stops working or am I missing something? Anyway, interesting concept! One more thing: what app do you use to make the pictures of the skills?

I believe you can find the pics in looney tunes world of mayhem

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