Phineas Flynn (Phineas & Ferb, 2007-2015)

Disney Heroes Concept#2: Phineas Flynn:

Catchphrase: “Where’s Perry?”

White Skill: Baseball Gun (Phineas fires his baseball gun)

Green Skill: Rollercoaster (A version of Phineas’s rollercoaster will come rushing by)

Blue Skill: Football X7 (Phineas will kick a Football x7)

Purple Skill: Time Machine (Phineas will heal his proponents)

Red Skill: Phinedroids (Phineas will click a button to summon a Phinedroid)

Phineas is defense


Hiro Hamada & Launchpad

So first of all, I noticed that you posted another concept earlier today. I would advise you to wait at least a day (though preferably longer than that) before posting another concept. Otherwise, they may be a bit rushed/lacking in detail, as this one admittedly appears to be.

Your skills are lacking a lot of details about what exactly they do (damage type, potential debuffs, etc.) and your Red Skill doesn’t really work as a Red Skill since those are usually passive effects. You’re also missing other animations (entrance, basic attack, etc.) and friendship disks.

I recommend looking at this guide for a thorough explanation on how to make proper concepts.


I will work on it harder next time. I suck at this stuff, so one more complaint and I’m through.

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