Pleakley Stat Change

We have seen that Pleakley, in combination with Barbossa and Hades can instantly KO the opposing team at the start of combat. While there has been discussion about ways to counter this, we see that having an entire team KO’d without the opportunity to act is not fun.

We are making a stat change to Pleakley this afternoon that will do the following:

  • Reduce Pleakley’s Purple Skill damage
  • Reduce Mosquitoes applied to Studied enemies from 3 to 1 on Pleakley’s Red Skill
  • Reduce Skill Power buff on Pleakley’s Red Skill

Well… more balance is good… :woman_shrugging:

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Woah. So Pleakely got a nerf now. Well that was needed.

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I could just say if red skill is nerfed, purple skill didn’t require such nerf. :eyes:

Combo with Barbossa was the only issue, and reduced stacks should do a thing.

Yeah not sure why you change both red and purple skills.

The red skill (scaling off ap) is the big issue. Change the stacks to 1 and reduce the scaling on red, but why also reduce scaling on purple?


Literally all you needed to change is the amount of damage his red gives. The fact that it more than triples the damage of the purple skill was what made it ridiculous


Desculpem, não vou falar palavrão por respeito, mas de novo nerf em heróis, fala sério não sou ptw e demoro semanas investindo em um herói para ele ser nerfado. Algumas perguntas @Polaris vcs não jogam o jogo? Pq não lançar um heróis depois de fazer os testes? Tem que nerfam sempre os heróis?

About time this combo was run by 5 of the top 6 in my arena league on 21

Ill still be running the combo defensively with gizmo(la) for ridiculous armor gains

Mulan is still an issue especially now with amelia… although not many have built amelia yet to cause issues

So u just ruined pleakley completely? Makes sense… that game gets worse and worse

We did not ruin Pleakley. He is still very powerful.

We removed the instant kill that he could do at the very start of combat. We don’t want there to be situations where a single hero can wipe out an entire leveled lineup in the first instant combat starts. That’s not fun.


So, when will be the server restart?

It won’t need a server restart, just a stats push. Waiting on final notification from the devs that it’s been pushed to the server. (Will update here when I get that)


Ah, the technologies :sweat_smile:

No server restart—

I assume it’s done and the thread can be… closed?

No wonder why DW kill Pleakley…

Yep, looks like this is done!

Can you (@Polaris) please provide a Screenshot or comparison of Pleakleys Purple and Red skills before and after this nerf?


290k+300k on purple down to 232k+172k

836k+83k on red down to 794k+83k

110k base SP on red down to 68k

Mine isn’t maxed. But this gives an idea.

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I wouldnt invest so much in him if i knew u gonna get him to the ground… u could come up with new counters instead of burning all the resources i invested on pleakley.

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