Please… no goldenrod! - Sneezy Concept (Snow White, 1937) (Likely)


Don’t let the hay fever fool you: Sneezy is one sick guy. No creep can hold their own when Sneezy is around.

“Don’t do it. Take them away. My nose! My hay fever! You know I can’t stand it.”

Stars: :star:

Type: Midline Damage

Trials Team: Blue Team

Entrance: Sneezy shuffles in and holds in a sneeze.

Victory: Sneezy sneezes and smiles while his hat falls down slightly.

Defeat: Sneezy almost sneezes, but stops himself.


Basic Attack:
Normal Damage :fist:
Sneezy sneezes, dealing splash damage to nearby enemies.

:white_circle: White Skill: “Hay Fever”
Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
Sneezy sneezes loudly for 4 seconds, dealing X fantastic damage and to all enemies over 4 seconds and scaring all enemies for 10 seconds. All enemies and allies in front of him are and Knocked Back.

:green_circle: Green Skill: “Fine Time To Sneeze”
Sneezy builds up to a sneeze, but covers his nose to stop himself. Sneezy gains 2 stacks of Hardy, and nearby enemies gain 1 stack of Fatigue. 50% of Sneezy’s stacks of Hardy last between waves.

:large_blue_circle: Blue Skill: “Take Them Away”
Normal Damage :fist:
Sneezy holds up a bouquet of goldenrods, granting all allies X Basic Damage and X Skill Power for 12 seconds. Sneezy then sneezes once per every ally buffed, dealing X normal damage plus an additional X fantastic damage with each successive sneeze to all enemies in front of him.

:purple_circle: Purple Skill: “Sickening”
“Hay Fever” now Cleanses Sneezy. Any debuffs Sneezy cleanses are applied at random at the same power to enemies hit for 8 seconds.

:red_circle: Red Skill: “When You Gotta”
Normal Damage :fist:
Anytime Sneezy Knocks Back an enemy, they have a 50% chance of being stunned for 10 seconds.

Sneezy’s Basic Attacks and “Hay Fever” deal an additional X normal damage per stack of Hardy he currently has.

Additional Stat Boosts:

  • +X Basic Damage

  • +Y “Hay Fever” Fantastic Damage

  • +Z “Take Them Away” Fantastic Damage


Smell The Roses
Sneezy and Happy
Take less damage per stacks of Hardy!

Disk Power

  • +X “Take Them Away” Basic Damage

  • +X “Take Them Away” Skill Power

  • +Y Armor

  • +Y Reality


  • Sneezy takes 1%/2%/3%/4%/5% less damage per stack of Hardy

Allies: Tiana, Grumpy, 22

I’ll Huff… And I’ll Puff…
Sneezy and Pegasus
Make disables last longer!

Disk Power

  • +X Tenacity to Sneezy and allies

  • +Y Basic Damage to Sneezy and allies while they have a Hardy buff

  • +Y Skill Power to Sneezy and allies while they have a Hardy buff


  • +12%/+24%/+36%/+48%/+60% Stun length

  • +12%/+24%/+36%/+48%/+60% Scare length

Allies: Voyd, Sheriff Of Nottingham, Fozzie Bear


This is a great concept! Good job!

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