Please stop using mimiced player teams as opponent for players to fight with in city watch

My team level is only 51, and I was facing not only one but two 55lv+ teams in the 3rd part (there’s a total of five parts). Moreover, one of those teams has its hero skills and badges all maxed out… Definitely, I couldn’t beat it. And so are lots of other players.

Please stop using mimiced player teams as opponent for players to fight with in city watch. It’s really to hard to beat them…

(lol It’s not allowed to upload videos in the forum?)

By the way, could you guys add a video upload feature. Just set a maximum file size and put on a notice if you think someone will upload a very long video.


4 levels? That seems more like maybe you need to work on your characters more… Some here are level 85-90 fighting teams that are level 180-200


Oh I forgot to mention that I was able to beat all five parts in hard mode for a consecutive of two days. Until today.

CW scales to your team power. As your top 5 get stronger, so does CW.

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But I didn’t progressivly upgrade my top 5 characters at all… Just normal ways like a badge upgrade and several skill upgrades.

Anything that raises their power counts towards CW. Plus it’s most likely the team compositions you’re having an issue with not the level

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So there comes this problem only counting top 5 characters of a player.

You want players to use as many characters as possible but giving them opponents which only putting those top five characters together can beat. Most players’ strongest characters cannot reflect their total combat strength, there’s other game modes like pvp (arena) for players to care about.

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Thats not what it means. Composition matters much more than power. You can be higher power and still lose, just like you can be lower power and still win. CW is another way to encourage people to build your roster evenly.

If your top 5 are at say… 15k each, but everyone else is 6k and under, you will struggle. However in that same scenario if your whole roster is at 12-13k because you brought them up evenly, you would be fine.


That’s the point of upgrading your other characters. Don’t just focus on your main team, promote and upgrade their Skills progressively. You’ll see they’ll be helpful in Guild War, Heist, and Coliseum. If you don’t upgrade them, what are they going to do in the bench?

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Just so yoi know…sulley and nick make an amazing combo on city watch! Especially activating their white skills at the same time. I know it is flawed but that is the best i have ever found that works!


Or Zurg… there’s Zurg and his Burst Skill. Pair him up with Judy and he’ll have unlimited energy…

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I use him plus Woody already, maybe I should add Judy in as well.

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Dats y I like having those 2 on my top team.

I’ve had a thought about VIP effects in CW.

In my point of view, I’m VIP 8 or nine already. But I don’t want to progress in VIP levels anymore. Reason’s below:

  1. next level unlock affects CW rewards which is pretty lame since I cant easily win CW at all…

  2. Diamond bundles sales nolonger appears. I thought they would appear monthly like some other games do. So I’d just be waiting for the Christmas sale…

  3. hum, no more for now :wink:

Diamond deals still appear over vip 9…

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But the discount drops too much from the first ever buy which is not attractive enough for me to spend. Maybe add some kind of first monthly buy would do.

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Remove your disk power before you reset and it will make your city watch easier

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I havn’t unlocked any disk power for any heroes yet…

Are you keeping your roster balanced? Not just levels but badges and skills as well.

I didn’t notice that before I read in the forum. So now I’m switching to the right target.

It’d be better if you put a notice in game.

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