Poll building for those who don't get it

Alright, for those of you struggling to make polls, this brief guide is hopefully gonna show you how to make them. let’s get started!! :grimacing:

Step 1

Start by opening a message, usually by clicking the reply button. Now. Once you do this, you will have the place where you can make the message. Directly above this space where you type, is you message tool bar. You will want to click on the small gear button in the right corner of the screen.

(See screenshot 1)

Step 2

After you have done this, you will have to options. Hide Details or Build poll. Select the Build Poll Option.

(See Screenshot 2)

Step 3

Upon clicking (or tapping this) you should be led to a screen where you can full out all kinds of information.

(See screenshot 3)

These are the conditions of the poll. You may make the poll multiple choice, single choice, set the time that poll is active, show who voted, and a few other things. Most importantly, you can enter in your poll options. Plz note, You must hit the enter key (or arrow) in order to create the next option.

(See Screenshot 4)

Once you have entered in all this, hit the button that says Insert Poll at the bottom.

Upon doing this, the forums will automatically transmit this into your text as code. If you wish to add any text,

make sure you do so outside of all the coding pr the poll will not function

So, with that being said, only one thing is left.

Step 4

Click reply, or create topic and your poll will be set up.

That’s it.

I am adding a poll here, and plz know that this topic is dedicated to those who wish to experiment making polls and/or have questions. If you are reading way afyer it has been created and is dead, and you have a question, feel free to revive it and ask.

alright, I hope you understand how to build polls now! :grin:

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Also ask discobot for help and then do the two tutorials to learn about the many things you can do on the forum!

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I already know about this stuff, by guessing :wink:

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It isn’t work, I can’t make the poll, i pressed the setting button :gear: but it doesn’t work! It just says “hide details”

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