[Poll]: What Special Crates we like and want to see in the game

This post is to question if the current rotation in terms of the special crates for diamonds are actually desired by us players, as well as showing past examples of what the blue special crates for diamonds can have based on examples of crates that has been out in the past.

Poll 1 is in terms of current more recent offered crates.
Poll 2 that’s further down after the pictures are in terms of older crates we would like to see come back.

Right now in terms of crates we basically have a rotation of 3/4 special resource crates for diamonds and 1 character crate, which of these do you like and want to see more of in the future?

  • Hero Chip Crates
  • Friendship Supply Crates
  • Red Skill Chips Crates
  • Pot of Gold Crates
  • Diamond Character Crates
  • Not really interested in any of them.
  • None of them feel worth my diamonds.
  • I don’t really need what they offer as I am self-sufficient enough myself.

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It has 5 max as the max vote option and the 3 options at the bottom of the poll is to allow people to answer a bit differently if they want to.


As mentioned I also want to ask what older crates we would like to see return. As not everyone were here may know of the older crates I will post them here. (I unfortunately don’t have examples of all past crates as I have cleaned up my photo storage a few times, but I have fair amount of examples still on my device).

Newer Badge Booster Crates:

(I unfortunately couldn’t find a picture of the oldest badge crates which had 10 badges instead of 5. The old kind may not have been chapter specific and as such offering just mostly need badges in general, so could make up for it being 5 badges instead of 10 badges).
Old Invasion Crate:

(Not sure if I have a picture of the newer Invasion crate, but it gave actual Invasion related supplies).
Newer Booster Crate:

(Missing the older version that was better and gave 10 things).

However the Battle Tooth & Claw Crate basically show what the Booster Crates was originally like and one could also get Double Drops and other goodies too.
Battle Tooth & Claw Crate:

Raid Crate:

(No picture of an actual buy unfortunately).
Example of an old themed crate:

Other types of unknown crates:

These should be most of the different types of crates we haven’t seen in a long time that I have on my device, so I wondered which of these crates would you all like to see again in the game? 9 votes are the max as that’s the number of different crates in the pool.

  • Badge Crates
  • Old Invasion Crates
  • Booster Crates
  • Battle Tooth & Claw Crates(or as Booster Crates of the old type)
  • Raid Crates
  • Themed Crates
  • Unknown Crate 1
  • Unknown Crate 2
  • Unknown Crate 3
  • All of them
  • None of them
  • Other type of crates

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If you have ideas or suggestions for what other types of crates could be interesting, feel free to write them down in your comment :-).

I will try to add in missing pictures into the post if someone have them.

I hope you all will find the old crates interesting and it should be interesting to see what the results for the polls are, so should be something to look forward to, but yeah most of all I hope we can create a good discussion and that we all have a good time together discussing whether that ends up being only a few people or many people :-).


My main reason for making this post is my want to have more variety in terms of the special crates as they are basically just the same ones in rotation these days, which I think is a bit too bad as variety in general is interesting.

I think it would be healthy to have more varied options as we that way can more easily get what we need, even if not a lot always something is better than nothing.

While I can’t vote myself, my votes would be on Badge Crates and the Booster/BT&CC Crates in terms of the old crates :-).

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Considering how far behind I am since the game doesn’t work for me, I will have to say I want all the crates.


The old type of booster crates were my favorites. Those were the only crates that actually gave us stuff we really needed, stamina bottles, double drop items and even diamonds itself. I remember when these were more frequent and I deliberately saved up all my diamonds every month just to spend them on these crates.


Badges and stamina are the things I would like to see the most, so those Badges crates would be really nice.

In terms of crates I would also like to see one for Heist tokens. That’s a resource that can be farmed quite okay, and has no crate yett (while city watch, arena and coliseum have)

@TherMasterStitch I would be happy to try and help you in a PM, even if just advice as I assume we aren’t in the same server I would be happy to help if able to :-).
And yeah, understandable that you want all the crates, so hopefully some of these special crates come back again :-).

@Ferlaqua Definitely, along with the special Badge Crates the Booster Crates were the best crates in the game. I don’t remember if I specifically saved up for the Badge Crates or Booster Crates back then, but wouldn’t be surprised if I did as those were crates that actually really helped a lot and were interesting.
Hopefully the Booster Crate comes back and as good as it was in the beginning as they were truly helpful and appreciated I think :-).

@Lucas1999 Yup, badges and stamina are also what I would like to see the most as well, especially badges from the Badge Crates :-). Up for both 10 badges that are Orange+ in a crate and 5 badges that are specific to the newest chapters. (These crates maybe excluding Trial badges, so that way more likely get something we need).

Wouldn’t be a bad idea with a Heist Crate as it is the last missing one, so could be something for PerBlue to review if they haven’t already thought about it. Could be interesting if it has a type of characters that work really well in Heist and that way it being a extra reason for people to get the character.


The Old Invasion Crates were, by quite some margin, the best value diamond purchases in the game. Those should be at the very top of the list that would be great to see again, though I doubt they will resurface

The Old Invasion Crates were definitely one of the best crates value wise if not be best crates beside maybe the Booster Crates. I could see it maybe coming back, but it would be under a different name most likely if so. The Invasion Crate now give Invasion related things overall, so just got to hope that the old version of the Invasion Crate can come back renamed, even if slightly adjusted and have 2 rows instead of 3 rows it would definitely be good to have it back :-).
Though I would say that 1 row would definitely be too little, 2 rows okey, 3 rows really good and appreciated by us players I think.

The Hero Chip crates and Red Skill Chip crates would be ok, if they didn’t always offer a hero I have no interest in as the first Buy 10/5/3/whatever purchase. Having to buy two bundles of crates to get the guaranteed chips for a hero I want means they’re only worth the diamonds spent if I get lucky with the random chips. Which almost never happens.

Out of the “old” crates, I’d love to see more of the Badge Booster crates (although they’re still available, as contest rewards and weekly consumable guild perks, at least), and would really love to see the old Invasion Crate again; however, I’m sure that if that one did come back, it wouldn’t be nearly as good a value. :frowning:


Yes. They are so useful!

This happened to me exactly once… :joy::sweat_smile: When I got 30 Oogie Boogie chips with one buy…

I got 100 Li Shang chips with one buy one time


Woah. That’s a lot😳


@Jody_Caviness I agree, if the Hero Chip crate and Red Skill Chip crate included in their offer that you get at least a decent amount of Hero Chips and Red Skill Chip respectively for at least 1 character you have it would boost their value a fair amount or at least feel more worth to buy for people. Personally I am kind of tired of these two crates feeling like it is the only 2 crates offered at times, so would really like more variety again like before.

I think you might be confusing 2 the type type of badge crates, since the type of Badge Crates I am thinking isn’t the Badge Booster Crates you get as contest rewards which give you badges need in the sense of the badges that you haven’t equipped. The type of Badge Crates I am referring to is a type you could buy for diamonds which haven’t been offered since 2019 I think maybe or at least not for some seasons now. I meant to post it with the original post, but missed it I see. At least you can see that this Badge Crate were of the special crate type that you can buy for badges and these days it may have been a crate that give you Red 10-12 badges.

So yeah, the two things aren’t the same and we need the Badge Crates for diamonds in order to keep up. And this is the newer Badge Crate who gave 5, the older Badge Crate gave 10 badges, though not sure if it was chapter specific.
I really want this crate again as they are really helpful and I would say moral boosts in the game :-).


Irrer_Minnie_VIII@ The Contest Badge Booster Crates are definitely useful, though like I mentioned in my post to Jody_Caviness my original post were about the Badge Crates we could buy for diamonds, but yes both the Contest Badge Booster Crates and the Diamond Badge Crates are useful :-).

Irrer_Minnie_VIII@ Disney-Fan@ Hehe, one can be lucky at times yeah, and yeah congrats on getting 100 Shang Li chips once Disney-Fan :-).

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I read your post. Thanks for telling! :slight_smile:

No problem, just wanted to clarify so that you understood :-).

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Thanks for caring!

Thanks for the clarification. Yeah, those Badge Booster crates are even better than the current ones, and I had completely forgotten that they were like that, it’s been so long.

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Irrer_Minnie_VIII@ You are welcome ^^.

Jody_Caviness@ No problem :-).
The old and newer Diamond Badge Crates are overall better yeah as they allowed you to more easily stock up for later as the overall quantity of the amount of badges you could get made up for that you didn’t necessarily need all of them right away as you shaved off that grinding time for later.

While it is true that the the Contest Badge Crates might technically be better in one way as they actually give you badges you need, but you can’t all that easily get a lot of them at once as it stands. So for badges Quantity might be better than Quality in the sense of that you get to save up more for later, beside that opening many 10x/5x Badge Crates at once is fun I think as it is like opening a lot of presents at once :-).

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24 hours mark post:
First of all, I want to thank everyone who has participated and voted in the polls and really appreciate it :-). The first poll has now 50+ votes, which is a little milestone in my view and I want to thank you all who voted.

Summary of the Polls so far:

Poll 1, Top 3:

  1. Hero Chip Crates
  2. Red Skill Chip Crates
  3. Diamond Character Crates / Pot of Gold Crates

Poll 2, Top 3:

  1. Raid Crates
  2. Battle Tooth & Claw Crates(or as Booster Crates of the old type)
  3. Badge Crates


I am a bit surprised that Hero Chips Crates came first in Poll 1 as Hero Chip Crates are offered so often, but I assume the reason are due to how many Hero Chips you need these days overall like character stars, red skills, mods and friendship missions.

In terms of Poll 1, 10 people don’t feel like the special crates in Poll 1 are worth their diamonds, which might be an indication that there are a decent amount of people who aren’t interested in the crates that are currently offered the most.

For Poll 2 I think it makes sense that those 3 would likely be among the 3 top choices, they are all really good and would overall help the game a lot in terms of making the game overall more exciting and players less likely giving up on the game due to feeling like they are lagging too much behind or not getting anywhere.


Again, thank you to everyone who has so far participated in the poll and commented here, hopefully this post can provide good data in general in terms of what we players want :-).
I hope the post can continue to go on if there are people who are interested, but at least I am grateful for what the post have gotten just in 24 hours.

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