Port event

There hasn’t been a port event for 2 months and several trials one. Several of just about every aspect in the game but port. I couldn’t believe last contest didn’t have one being a gold and experience contest. How about a nice triple one so I can finally use my port resets and recoup the gold that is rare…


Не было больше 3 месяцев , даже на годовщину игры не было порта

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More than that :confused:

Anyway… I hope triple port event will be introduced very soon.


Why are they so reluctant to give us a Ports event, I wonder?


@Loutre when are going to have port drops?


Let´s hope soon. My Port resets are eagerly waiting.

Loutre gibst du das weiter?

I have passed along the Port feedback.


you are awesome :sunglasses:

And how did the team response?

Will there will be port event soon, preferably triple drops after such break? :thinking:

And still…nothing

@Loutre seriously you have to give us an answer, there have been double team trials for 8 days, double badge drops 3 times in a very short period of I guess 8 days but why we are not seeing port double drops from the last 2-3 months. We actually due for triple port drops, at least let us know if PB have scraped the port drops?


Might possibly have one soon, but I cannot give you exact dates or information like that.


Might ? Huh


Speaking just for myself, I’d be satisfied with just a confirmation that we’ll have one at some point in the future, and that they haven’t been discontinued. Whether the next one is tomorrow or next year doesn’t matter nearly as much to me as whether they’re still happening at all.


Have not been discontinued, but I do not have information on when the next one will be.


Awwwwwwwww. My 50 port resets lie in vain. Because they are the only one to be used on all accounts VIP or non-VIP…

Since someone decided that no cooldowns should be a VIP8 perk.
Imo, it´d be for the best if the cooldowns for Trials and Ports were just abandoned completely. And the VIPs reducing the cooldown on Trials gives +1 chance and the VIP8 perk would be another Trials chance and Port chance - capping them at 8 (instead of 6) and 3 (instead of 2).

8/6 = 4/3 = 1.33x rewards for VIP players
3/2 = 1.5x gold and XP rewards in Ports for VIP players (which are a bit too poor anyway)


I’m confused don’t some people always have double
Drops in the port because of a vip bonus ?

When I raid the port I always get double rewards


With the port event you get 4x or 6x more.

It stacks. The vip perk doesn’t block the event.

And yes, we’re way due to get triple port events, we got none during anniversary and the last port event was in late April.


Still no luck , no port events

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