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DELETED I did this because I don’t know how to actually delete it

Please read A Guide to Making Character Concepts

Calm down they weren’t trying to be rude they were just offering you criticism.
But have it your way I guess 🤷

I am not being rude I am suggesting improving your concepts

Just ignore them.

No one is criticizing. They are giving you feedback so that you can make this or future concepts that you make better! I think the only things about this concept I would suggest that you work on is grammar and making this concept a little bit more coherent and using a format rather than putting it all into one paragraph. I agree with Big_Boy_Disney24, you should read the post A Guide to Making Character Concepts since it is written by someone who has had more experience with making concepts and has put all of the need-to-know information in that post. Believe me. I was also once a beginner and that post really helped me make much better concepts! I hope that you continue to create great concepts and use some, if not all of the information provided in the guide. Have a great day!

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Also, when making Hero Concepts you usually do not add damage numbers and instead replace them with variables such as X (you can learn more about this in the post I mentioned previously). This is because they are usually just random numbers people came up with, as far as I know only Perblue knows how to come up with damage numbers.


Like I said to Big boy Disney, Just ignore Oswald.

I’m fine now

There’s a lot of things I believe this concept should improve on. First off, I think the skills should be separated to be more stand-alone… you could say. Also, it would work nicely if you added some skill photos in your concept. My last thing is, I believe the friendships should be elaborated more. Other than that, you can be pretty good later on.

Just ignore them

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