Power Crafting - Yay or Nay?

I can’t test this properly because I’m currently not overflowing in energy, and you can’t power craft badges that you already own.

Anyway, it feels like stamina cost is much higher than if you were manually raiding the low energy stage. It’s based on one, single, low requirements badge that I was able to create.


As we see at screenshots, the drop rate for orange badges increases from 1/6 to 1/4.

Drop rate for orange bits has always been 1/4.

I won’t be using it often - for reasons outlined here:

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In your screenshot I can only see a difference in price and that would be because you’re not just crafting one badge for the 188,000 badge your crafting two, when it come to the 43k badge youre only using stamina and gold to craft that badge to be able to craft the actual badge you need.

Sorry if it doesn’t make sense I did try :joy:

Would like to add that all this power crafting shows is how much of a ballache it is and how much stamina you need to craft these badges, some of them are ridiculous

Yes I know, that is not related to my concern.

My concern demonstrated by the screenshots (and confirmed by Polaris) was that the power-crafting ignores bits needed for other badges than the target badge, therefore cannot possibly always select the best value stage to raid.

And yes, it is ridiculous - I calculated that without buying additional stamina, a single 50-bit orange badge would take around 6 days to make. :frowning:

I literally only noticed there was other screenshots as you were typing and then realised what you meant by your comment and it does make sense

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I think it’s, ok.

I used it to finish off my Merida badges, but I did collect half the badges myself. Used it to just finish off the rest, the Stam cost is high so I probably won’t use it unless I make Stam buys in the shop.

We didn’t change the drop rates for this feature. Also, you’re spending the same stamina on this as you would manually raiding the campaign nodes. There isn’t an extra change for using the Power Crafting feature.

In some cases, like what Pipsqueak mentioned, it may be better to identify an ideal node and raid there, especially if you’re working on multiple badges. However, this is a great time saver in other cases.


I agree with the time saving.

Plus, when I make a Stam buy and use it, I’ll finally stop over shooting myself.

Last few times I used waaay too much Stam and overshot my raids lol.

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Actually in most cases. It isn’t a very good feature, but there isn’t really a better way of doing it.

This button is for the exceptionally lazy.

i just don’t like having that large number right there telling me exactly how much stamina i’m using. I like ignorance better - i can craft manually and just keep clicking the use 10 button for stam without doing the math.

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Hi, if you have double drops would it factor that in?

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Yes, it does!

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