Power Of The Titan - Thanos Unlikely Concept

Power Of The Titan - Thanos Unlikely Concept

Name: Thanos

Description: With the Infinity Stones within his grasp, Thanos will defeat his enemies to the end.

Quote: “I am inevitable.”

Trial Team: Red

Role: Tank

Position: Front

Stars: :star::star:

Entrance: Thanos teleports himself in his position, holding his sword.

Basic Attack: Thanos hits his enemies with his sword dealing X damage.

Victory: Thanos sticks his sword to the ground and smiles.

Defeat: Thanos turns into dust.


White Skill: Snap!
✨Fantastic Damage
Thanos snaps his fingers, dealing X damage to all enemies, clearing them from all buffs and stunning them for 4.0 seconds.

The skill has a reduced effect against enemies above level X.

Green Skill: Time Resolve
Thanos uses the Time Stone to apply ‘Reverse’ to an enemy for 12.0 seconds.

While in “Reverse”, the enemy will take twice the damage, and every second buff that applies to the enemy, will instead be applied to Thanos.

Blue Skill: Power Of The Titan
✨Fantastic Damage
Thanos uses the Power Stone to create a force field around himself, granting himself an X HP shield for 8.0 seconds. While Thanos shields himself, he increases his basic damage by X, his skill power by Y, his tenacity by 35 and all enemies that attack him will take instead X damage.

Purple Skill: Space In-between
✊Normal Damage
Before an enemy crits to Thanos, instead of taking damage, Thanos becomes invisible for 5.0 seconds and counter attacks with a basic attack, dealing X damage, 50% extra damage, knocking the enemy back and stunning him for 7.0 seconds.

Red Skill: Not What It Seems
Every Thanos’ third basic attack blinds or stuns an enemy for 6.0 seconds.

Whenever Thanos uses ‘Snap!’, he increases his reality by X.

Additional Stat Boosts
+X Armor
+Y Reality
+Z extra damage in ‘Snap!’


Hero Mastery Collections

  • Shields
  • Stun
  • Tank

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I like how the skill icons are the infinity stones

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It couldn’t be nothing less :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yo no hablo gibberish

What kind of damage does it deal

Other than that this is a nice concept

@Wicked_To_The_Core, I did the changes. Thx for noticing.

You are clever

Thes are cool

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It looks cool. With the snap it should have a ability to randomly ko a character.

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