Presentation of the Groups

Hi, and welcome to the presentation of the Disney Spring Contest’s groups! In this contest, there are 8 groups of 3 heroes that will face each others.
Here are the groups. Also, there are the reserves.
I’m relying on the appearance of the timeline characters in my post Where are the Effects? .

Reserves: Sceriff of Nottingham, Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck


So will you be creating a poll?

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Exactly, but you have to wait… At least 2 weeks before the contest starts. I suppose it will start the 1st April. It seems funny, but I suppose that it will be the start date…

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Ha. Ha. Ha. April Fools, huh?

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No, No, it’s real! Really! I promise! :crossed_fingers:t2:


SO CLOSE! Now we have got 4 groups: all you can do is look at these first 4 groups, wait for the other 4 groups, and then, we’ll be ready for the contest!

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Here they are, the 8 groups! I’m waiting you the 31st March 2023 in the post Disney Spring Contest 2023

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