Preston From Camp Camp - Unlikely Concept

Preston Goodplay

Prestons incredible acting skills and his dramatic attitude fight creeps along with all of his camper buddies


Stars: :star2:
Role: Control
Position: Midline
Trials Team: Yellow

Basic Attack: Preston rolls his eyes dealing damage to the two farthest enemies

Entrance: Preston walks in looking through his fellow campers play write ideas, when in position he throws them away and gets ready for the fight.

Victory: Preston bows down

Defeat: A tomato is thrown at Preston, he wipes it off and tries to block the incoming tomatoes with his hands


White Skill: For Shakespeare! :white_circle:
:sparkles: Fantastic
Preston pulls out a skull and points it towards enemies. The skull glows red and then shoots out three red beams at the three enemies with the least reality.

The beams deal X damage and deal X damage over time for 5 seconds, Each second drains X reality from enemies who are hit. Enemies who are hit are also cursed for 8 seconds.

If enemies hit are already cursed their current debuff is increased by 4 seconds and their curse is 12 seconds instead of 8.

(Debuffs included: Silence, Freeze, Stun, Study, Charm, Blind, Curse)

Green Skill: Act It Out :green_circle:
:sparkles: Fantastic
Preston tosses everyone one a script giving them one stack of “script”. Preston then runs to the back of his line up and cheers allies on, when Preston cheers his allies on, their stack of script gives them X armor and a 100% movement and attack speed increase for 12 seconds.

(after performing this skill he runs back into position)

Each stack of script increases the speed increase by 20% and the armor increase by X.

If enemies are cursed or silenced while Preston performs this ability enemies take X damage and Preston removes 5 buffs from the two enemies with the most current buffs. For the rest of the enemies he removes 2 current buffs.

Buff removal has a chance to fail on enemies above level X

Blue Skill: Getting Into Costume :large_blue_circle:
:sparkles: Fantastic

A costume box slides onto screen beside Preston, Preston stops the box and starts digging through the box for a costume. Preston will choose between three different costumes. Each costume makes Preston do something different.

Princess Costume: If the last enemy Preston damaged was a control character he puts on a princess costume, Preston grabs a wand and removes any buffs given to enemies in the last 4 seconds and deals X damage.

If no buff was given Preston gives the three strongest enemies 3 stacks of fatigue and the two weakest enemies 2 stacks of fatigue

Cowboy Costume: If the last enemy Preston damaged was a damage character he changes into a cowboy costume, he grabs two revolvers and shoots both at the two most upfront enemies. The revolvers deal X damage and stun enemies hit for 8 seconds.
(Tenacity does not effect the time for the stun)

Cult Costume: If the last enemy Preston damaged was a tank or support character Preston changes into his cult costume. Preston throws 1 glass of rat poison to all enemies. The rat poison deals X damage and removes X armor every second over 6 seconds.

Purple Skill: Your Tomatoes No Longer Affect Me :purple_circle:

Preston has a 75% chance to dodge all debuffs done to him and is immune to all normal damage and basic attacks.

When an enemy tries to perform normal damage or a basic attack on Preston he heals himself and the weakest ally for X hp

Immunity has a chance to fail against enemies above level X

Red Skill: I don’t know who this GIRL is but she is KILLING IT! :red_circle:

At the beginning of each wave Preston gives all allies 5 stacks of “Script” and increase all allies movement and attack speed by 120% for 5 seconds.

Whenever Normal damage or a basic attack is done to Preston he now gives himself and the weakest ally 1 stack of “Script” and increases the healing by X.

Each stack of “Script” Preston has increases all allies Tenacity by X.

+Z Skill Power
+Z Tenacity
+X Damage to all debuffed enemies

Friendships: :handshake:

Looking into acting

Preston and Pleakley
Preston targets the strongest enemy that is cursed, while targeting Preston gains X basic damage, X skill power and a 50% movement and attack speed increase

Disk Power

+X damage to cursed enemies
+Z Tenacity


+10% every star

Allies: Sally, Miguel, Barley

Power and Control

Preston and Powerline
When Preston shoots his beam in “For Shakespeare” He gains 4 stacks of Hardy and removes 10% of enemies reality every second

Disk Power

+Z Healing to allies in “Your Tomatoes No Longer Affect Me”
+Z Tenacity


+10% every star

Allies: Goofy, Violet, Dash

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