Price of the diamonds are increase up to 30%

I seen theere is too much increase in the price of the diamonds and deals .
Almost 30% increase . Pls look into same and pls control it as usual .


Game and prices and what you get is a joke should boycott spending


This isn’t something we’ve done. We set the purchase prices in US $ and the app stores handle all the currency conversion, taxes, and fees.


Just stop spending guys simple. They will soon tell google people arent paying anymore

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You know this thread will be taken down soon. And also imma keep paying the deals. They are actually good

You have chocolate :chocolate_bar: there…oh wait sorry it’s sorry different…

Your about the only only one who thinks deals are good. Ducks 93.99 good deal?

No that’s a terrible deal I can agree with Th that

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So you telling you didn’t raise the price in US $ ?

We did not change the price in US $. I do have a bit more information that may help.

What I said earlier about the app stores setting the exchange rate and fees is correct. Apple, Amazon, and Sumsung all adjust how much they charge for currency conversion automatically from time to time. Google does not.

We recently updated our IAP package info in the Google store because we’re adding a couple of new price points at USD$15 and USD$35. It appears that this triggered the Google store to update its currency exchange rates for all the packages. Since we have not updated our core IAPs since the game launched, and the value of the US dollar has strengthened during the last year, there was an increase in international prices.


There are currently 2 threads about this topic. Please continue discussion about the exchange rate here. Thank you.

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