Prince John Concept (Likely)

Prince John (Robin Hood, 1973)

The phony king of England, Princess John is the only coward who supports his allies by using them as a shield.

“Oh, no. It’s so miserably unfair!”

Stars: :star:

Type: Frontline Control

Trials Team: Yellow Team

Entrance: Prince John walks in, holding himself up regally.

Victory: Prince John raises his crown off his head, then sets it back down.

Defeat: Prince John pouts, sucking his thumb and tugging on his ear.


Basic Attack:
Normal Damage :fist:
Prince John hits the nearest enemy by pounding his fist down.

:white_circle: White Skill: “After Them!”
Prince John waves his fists angrily, Distracting all enemies for 12 seconds and increasing the attack speed of all allies by 75% for 12 seconds. The three frontmost allies gain +X armor and reality and gain +Y basic damage and skill power for 12 seconds.

:green_circle: Green Skill: “Noble Brow”
Princess John’s crown falls over his eyes, granting him Reflect for 8 seconds and granting himself Shield equal to 50% of his max health for 8 seconds. Prince John heals himself X health per second while he is shielded from any source.

:large_blue_circle: Blue Skill: “Don’t Hurt Me!”
When Prince John reaches below 50% of his max health he throws up his arms and runs behind the backmost ally. The three frontmost allies becomes invincible for 4 seconds and the frontmost ally distracts all enemies for 12 seconds or until Prince John returns to the frontline. Prince John returns to the frontline whenever he reaches 100% of his max health.

While hiding behind the backmost ally, Prince John heals X health per second and gains a 75% chance to dodge incoming attacks or skills.

Invincibility has a chance to fail on allies above level X.

:purple_circle: Purple Skill: “Beautiful Taxes”
Every 12 seconds all allies lose X armor for 10 seconds and have 40 energy stolen and given to Prince John. Any enemy who has another debuff when this skill is triggered is also Studied and Scared for 12 seconds.

:red_circle: Red Skill: “Triple The Taxes”
When Prince John is shielded from any source, Prince John and all allies gain X armor and reality for 16 seconds.

The amount of Armor decreased each time “Beautiful Taxes” is triggered increases by 10% with each subsequent use.

Additional Stat Boosts:

  • +X armor

  • +Y tenacity

  • +Z additional Shield with “Noble Brow”


Prince John and Sheriff of Nottingham: Rogue Kerfuffle

Boost damage and skill power with “Don’t Hurt Me!”

Disk Power

  • The selected allies gains +X basic damage with “Don’t Hurt Me!”

  • The selected allies gains +X skill power with “Don’t Hurt Me!”

  • +Y max health to Prince John and all allies

  • +Z evasion to Prince John and all allies


  • “Don’t Hurt Me!” also grants the three frontmost allies additional basic damage and skill power for 6/8/10/12/14 seconds

Allies: Oogie Boogie, Dr. Facilier, Negaduck

Prince John and Hercules: Momma’s Boy

”Dont Hurt Me!” invincibility lasts longer

Disk Power

  • +X max health to Prince John and all allies

  • +Y armor to Prince John and all allies

  • +Y reality to Prince John and all allies

  • +Z max health to all Tank role allies


  • Invincibility with “Don’t Hurt Me!” now lasts 5/6/7/8/9 seconds

Allies: Arthur, Ian Lightfoot, Fairy Godmothr


Great concept :+1:


For the white skill Prince John should summon rhino guards and maybe wolf arrowmen as well

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