Prince Tamatoa Tips (Part 1)

Tip 1: Accumulating points (For Challenger Tier only)

Victory points: 1000 for Arena and 3000 for Coliseum and
Additional points from bonuses (Points bonus for current season and Quick Win): Varied

The above list is for points that are given after fully defeating an opponent. (If time runs out, it is counted as you are defeated.)
In my experience, the opponents are either start accumulating points once the week starts or the player can choose to attack after 3-4 days and make a comeback in points and suddenly rise steeply in rank. The hack here is to check the player’s last seen timing but before checking his/her activity, check if his or her team’s power is greater than yours. This way, you can see if the player is of a big threat to you or not. Or if you are in doubt if a player is of a lower power than you, try the opponent first. After trying, you can determine that you can get points from this player.

If you can’t defeat the player, you have to take advantage of the points bonus and try to defeat the player’s first team, if possible. You can still get points for trying to clear the first team if the one you’re using can qualify for the bonuses.

Tip 2: Choosing teams for War

Based on your past wars, if your car is always targeted, it is best to go and change your team. (My position is at the 1st floor. In the past wars, my opponents targeted other cars on the same floor but after changing my guildmates and their positions, my car was the most targeted) unless the team’s performance is good.

It is best to create a “same disable” team like a blind or a freeze team. Kristoff increases the duration of all allies’ slows and freezes. His freezes also suit certain heroes who have disks that benefit him and his allies. One example of a team is Randall, Pooh, Elsa, Kristoff and Sven and Hades. Randall can scare enemies, increasing all fantastic damage dealt by allies. Pooh’s slow duration is increased and the same logic goes for Elsa’s freeze. Hades can increase the damage of Kristoff’s freeze as he does damage over time with Meg’s disk. Goofy (equipped with Jessie’s disk) is another alternative. Kristoff and Sven offers healing and armor for his team and so does Pooh (with his Goofy disk). Elsa can also deal more damage if enemies are slowed and frozen. Olaf is also a good alternative with Pooh. The opposite of Kristoff and Sven would be Rapunzel with her healing and reality. The following team is just an example. Feel free to try it out yourself!

And if you have some heroes you wish to try, set them to at least level 120 and their rank must be at least orange before adding them into your defense.

More tips will be given to come! I hope these are useful for you. PM me if there is any missing information. Thank you very much!

Prince Tamatoa III

In Coli, you can time out in first and second waves and you’ll win

Power isn’t everything :eyes:

I’ve beaten teams with over 700K more power than me.

In Challengers, your main goal is offense. Defense doesn’t matter much because you no longer get rewards for a successful defense.

Not “same disable”. But good synergy.

Pooh’s slows are permanent until Pooh is defeated

It doesn’t work like that. It isn’t like I’m gonna add an orange hero at level 120 into a lineup with R0s and level 160+


I’d like to politely correct a few things and change some things.

First, it’s true that in coliseum, it is counted as a win for the wave if you deal more damage than the opponent. I forgot to mention.

Second, the trick here is go both offensive and defensive. Use your strongest or best teams and if you’re at the top, stay there for as long as you can.

Third, Pooh’s slow is removed after he uses his white skill as there would be no stacks of “hunny” left after using his white skill. He needs to have at least 1 stack of “hunny” to slow. Otherwise, it doesn’t work.

Fourth, @Filadae_Djaq is right. But this is just to try if this team works.

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Nope. Do you even use Pooh?

And? My point was that Pooh’s slows don’t have a specific duration


Yes. I do use him. That’s why I know.

That’s the good news. It can be lengthened for X seconds. And u can KO enemies faster. Probably a good weapon to use against the Beast because of this slow.


Lemme find some evidence that Pooh’s Hunny is practically permanent

Thing is, it can’t.


This is why you should probably stop making these ‘guides’ because your audience knows far more than you.


Here you are

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Yeah, sure. I use Pooh in most of my teams. That’s why I said I know. But the thing is @Filadae_Djaq, Pooh’s white skill is supposed to remove all stacks of “hunny”. This is an issue and it should be solved or this video was before the bug was fixed.

It was never intended to do that.

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How are you so sure that it’s a bug if it’s meant to work like that?


Let me explain: First, when Pooh applies stacks of “hunny”, he slows enemies. After using his white skill, all stacks of “hunny” are used as damage. And the slow is removed because there is 0 stacks of “hunny”

How are you so sure if it has never happened?!

Both of these skills work similarly however Anger’s states that the stacks are consumed whereas Pooh’s does not. If it was meant to reset his ‘hunny’ count it would say so :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:.

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Cause I seen it with my own 2 eyes.

How? You must be the only person that has ever witnessed it then.

Good point. Should we tell support about this?

No, because Pooh isn’t meant to consume the ‘hunny’!!!


Megavolt would have been a better example, but yeah.

Tamatoa there is no point to go on and on and on about if you’re clearly in the wrong

OK… BTW, I’ll be off for some time. Need to prepare for a big competition. This work is killing me!!! Anyway… Bye.

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