Princess Candice (Unlikely Hero Concept)

Princess Candice (from MagiQuest)
Description: Once a damsel in distress, Princess Candice will now use her magi wand and runes to help allies and hinder her enemies
Quote: I couldn’t find one so if you guys have one please let me know
Stars: 1
Trial Team: Red
Entrance: Candice will walk into the battle field with grace and class, she’ll enter through a portal using the portal rune
Victory: Candice will use the reveal rune to reveal a hidden chest filled with gold to appear in front of her and the chest’s lid will open up, causing Candice to look at the chest in surprise and joy
Death: Candice will look at the enemies in confusion
Role: Midline Support


Basic attack: Candice will fire an ice arrow out of her wand, hitting the closest enemy. This attack will freeze the enemy hit for 2 seconds

White skill: Runes of Healing and Distraction
Candice will use the rune of healing to to heal all her allies and herself for X health, and then will use the distract rune to distract all enemies for 17 seconds

Green skill: Lighting Rune: Fantastic Damage
Candice will fire a lightning bolt from her wand to hit the closest enemy, dealing X damage and stunning them for 10 seconds

Blue skill: Rune of Protection
Candice will cast a spell on the ally with the least health, giving them a shield with X health for the rest of the wave

Purple skill: Majestic Magi
Allies that deal damage to stunned enemies will have their health bars increased by 5%. This resets at the end of each wave

Red skill: Master Magi
Candice’s skill power is increased by 20% for every frozen enemy in the battle field till the end of the wave


Princess Candice and Fairy Godmother
Disk: MagiGodmother
Candice will now also be affected by “Majestic Magi”
Candice tries to find someone new to join the Magi, she eventually finds the Fairy Godmother. Candice asks if Godmother has any experience in Magi Magic. She responds with no so Candice plans to teach her in the art of Magi Magic
Allies: Prince Philip Mickey Mouse Jessie

Princess Candice and Aurora
Disk: No Longer In Distress
Candice’s allies will now get their attack speed and movement speed increased by 100% when “Runes Of Heal and Distract”
Candice meets Aurora she tries to teach her how not to be a damsel in distress
Allies: Jasmine Snow White Genie

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