Princess of the Moon

Princess Luna (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

She’s a :full_moon::full_moon::full_moon: midline damage.

“You no longer have reason to fear us. Screams of delight is what your princess desires…not screams of fear.”

Bio: The younger sister of Princess Celestia, Princess Luna uses her powers to support her allies while scaring her enemies with her jealousy side.

Team: :gem:


Enter: She flies in and lands in her position.

Win: She justs smiles.

Win (Nightmare Moon): She does an evil laugh, then turns back to normal and does the normal victory.

Defeat: She looks down with a sad look on her face.

Defeat (Nightmare Moon): She screams in rage, then turns back to normal and does the normal defeat.

Basic attack: She shoots a laser to the nearest enemy, dealing X normal damage.


:white_circle: Nightmare Moon
Fantastic damage :stars:
Princess Luna turns into Nightmare Moon, healing herself X hp and scares all enemies for 12 seconds. While in this form, she does the regular basic attack with the same attack damage, but insteads of normal damage it’s fantastic damage. She can switch into normal and Nightmare Moon form whenever the white skill is active. When she turns back to normal, she heals herself X hp.

:green_circle: Just a Nightmare/Eternal Night
Normal: Princess Luna enters the dream of the alley with the most debuffs and tells they it’s just a dream, cleansing all debuffs from that ally and heal them X hp. If there are no allies with debuffs, she justs enters the dream of the weakest ally, tell them it’s just a dream, and heal them X hp. She can only do this for every 9 seconds.

Nightmare Moon: Nightmare Moon puts darkness above the enemy team, blinding all enemies for 10 seconds.

The blind may fail if the enemy is above level X.

:large_blue_circle: Mare on the Moon
Fantastic damage :stars:
Both Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon deal X damage to the enemy they attack for every debuff they have.

:purple_circle: Little Fan
Once per battle, when Princess Luna reaches 0% hp, Pipsqueak comes out of the left side of the screen and goes to Luna and hugs her. He then leaves the screen, reviving Luna to 67% of her max hp. When she is in Nightmare Moon form, she turns back into Luna it’s the same thing as the normal and she turns back into Nightmare Moon.

:red_circle: Nightmare Night
True damage :shield:
Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon’s basic attack deals 85% damage for every debuff on the enemy they attack.

The extra damage is reduced if the enemy is above level X.


Princess Luna and Mickey Mouse
Royal Problem
Allies: Heuy, Dewy, & Louie, Pleakley, and Sully & Boo.
Mickey Mouse is having a few problems at the castle, so he asks Princess Luna for help.
Feeling Brave
“Just a Nightmare/Eternal Night” (mostly “Just a Nightmare”) goes to the 3 allies with the most debuffs and heals them X hp.

Princess Luna and Cheshire Cat
Night Job
Allies: Simba & Nala, Jafar, and Judy Hopps.
Princess Luna is doing her dream duties when she meets Cheshire Cat in one of the dreams. (He might doesn’t do it in canon, but this is the Cheshire Cat)
Crazy Dream
“Little Fan” charm the 3 closest enemies for 10 seconds.

The charm may fail if the enemy is above level X.

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