Prize Wall Feedback

Hi there everyone! Since you’ve all had some time to play around with the new Prize Wall we would love to hear your feedback on it!


sheesh this is sick
my fav game.


All feedback I have is that the amount of gold needs to be significantly increased.

700K gold is almost worthless for high-leveled players.

And maybe double the amount of crates and XP drinks that drop from the prize wall.


It would be nice if the other items (gold and crates) also scaled up at higher levels and not just grand prize tokens.


i think the prizes are a bit too low for high lvl players but overall the concept is fun! love that theres cosmetics too!


Love it. Nice addition to the events list


Prize wall is awesome! I already have Lilo four star and I can get so many awesome rewards, thanks for it!


Love it, got a 4* lilo already and not spent a penny buying the “extra” deals. People complaing about the deals don’t have to buy them and if they are, it’s on them and can’t complain. Great feature for f2p players.


P2W players seem to hate it, sort of understandable since… over 100 dollars for a few days of token, really?

For us who can’t spend… it’s really good. Sure gold stamina and XP drinks could use an increase in amount. But the crates daily are really helpful, and the amount of chips it gives is decent too, would be able to work on Lilo if I wanted to. 30 prizes daily is a really nice amount too. So yeah nice job :grin:

I wish it counted diamond crates from diamond quest though, I’d rather not have to buy one with 288 diamonds again.


It seems a little scammy. It’s obvious the jackpot isnt actually at a specific location and you just have a small chance each time you click. So, too often you have to clear virtually the entire page before hitting it.


I’ve been very lucky with rng but you barely get enough to clear a stage every day, plus the rewards unless you get chips are very bad for a top level player. It costs 25mil gold to level up a characters skill every cap update so the gold isn’t enough to make it worth it, also, one crate isn’t enough for any progress on heroes


Thanks for adding a fun new mini-game! It has been a cool new way to introduce a hero :smile:


I am enjoying it, and like that people can at least earn a new hero. Wish the rewards were bumped up a little but much better then that diamond chest thing y’all made with Fairy Godmother.


Amount of gold, energy and crates must be increased its too low amount


Can’t complain about free rewards :yawning_face:
Maybe you can have 1 or 2 squares with 10X diamond crates or maybe diamonds? Other than that, I love the Prize Wall

Yeah, now F2P have a way of getting them :upside_down_face:

By buying a crate, you are accomplishing both the “spend 100 diamonds” and “open a diamond crate” quest, so it’s not a bad tradeoff


For law médium level players (140), I love it !
Lots of gifts, and it is funny to reveal thé coins on the wall

Absolutely love it! Who doesn’t like free rewards?

True but… would rather just buy two stamina refills and spare 188.
Plus there isn’t an apparent reason for diamond quest crates not to count. Items from the prize wall itself do count, so that is nice, but thing is you aren’t guaranteed to get one daily for the day after


I reallynew prize wall.i adgree that the gold amt is too low . I also likethat there buy ins , I’m budget player .I hope to see it as special attraction for the game .

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It is a nice source of odds and ends. It is not challenging or fun as a mini game. It is notably another way for P2P types to spend $. Being F2P, this module makes it clearer that F2P players are second class. Why not have a mini game that rewards cleverness or strategy.

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