Prize Wall Feedback

What I figured out from the rewards of Prize Wall:

Hero + Red Skill Chips - good, maybe add Red Skill Chips from the start in an equivalent of the first few levels of Red Skill necessities,

Badge Booster Crates - good, maybe would be better if more often offered, but apart from that good,

Cosmetic Crates - same as BB Crates,

Diamond Crates, Role and Team Crates - too little, singular items mean nearly nothing. Would be better if x10 items were offered instead of x1 items,

Gold - a bit too low, but I do understand you can´t give away too much - I would still expect 2 or 3 Millions at least,

XP Drinks - 1 Ultra XP drink makes hardly any difference these days. Old servers need 10 of them at least per drop, while new servers need at least 7 of them per drop.


L’idée est sympa mais je ne reçois pas mes récompenses sauf lilo et l’argent

It’s great for a F2P players. I enjoy the daily quest and the luck of it. fun little game.

The daily deals should offer VIP rings so far it’s the only thing I found that doesn’t offer them when you buy something.

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It’s easy and simple, all I have to do is find the grand prize.

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Way way better than the Wish Crate. As people said, wish the rewards increased when you reach every 10 stages like Lilo. Overall it’s great!

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So a bit of mixed emotions— but more of positive.


Starting with overall opinion…
I love it. It’s really fun addition to the game. And I am more than happy to see its return very soon :eyes:
Definitely much better than… Wish Crate.
Not much to complain… a bit more of daily things to do.
But… not too simple tho? Would like to see some “elite” quests which require some more time or resources.


  • Rewards besides Lilo’s chips are… bad., not really “wow” to say at least.
  • I would like to see an increase of all types of crates to 3 or 5 (from 1). 1 Blue Team crate or 1 Cosmetic Crate isn’t really much nowadays
  • Gold scale is way too low, for server 1 800k gold is literally nothing, so it would be good to remove gold reward completely or increase it, maybe even scale it with player’s level, just something to make it better
  • Hero XP drinks should be increased to 10-20
  • Stamina bottles to imcrease to 10-20 (from only 2)
  • As for now, hero rotations are even more behind


  • All fairly good for “free”
    • However, definitely not worthy to spend money on it.
  • Good way to get new hero(es)

To see later… :cloud:

  • Disk Power is obviously hardest stuff to get now, and I would love to see it added here! As for server 1, 20-30k disk power per token is good.
  • Maybe Epic Keys for CW? Skill chips are still an issue
  • As mentioned earlier, questes are a bit too easy. I would like to see soke advanced quests, like winning heist, arena battle, defeating specific creep X times.
  • Maybe from example… VIP +10 players will unlock a new (elite) section of questes, with harder quests, with more tokens and a bit of extra stuff as rewards, like disk power, red skill crates, epic keys for CW, mod power
    • Actually, it will make VIP perks finally useful as for long time they wasn’t updated and… well, they are very outdated, since beta.
  • I would like to see it as permanent feature, not as event.

@Loutre :otter:


Welcome back, Loutre! :slight_smile:

Prize Wall: Rewards are really low. One of most items is not really helpful.
I’d also like to see a variety of quests. Right now, they are the exact same. It would be nice to have them vary and give different amounts (like a harder quest gives more tokens).

The randomness is tough. I am just thankful that Lilo isn’t that good, so I don’t care if I get chips or not.

14 days is good. The deals seems too expensive. It would be nice to know how often the Prize Wall comes back and if the hero changes. Thanks!


That doesn’t really relate to this topic. :neutral_face:


I like using the prize wall event because I get to have more stamina consumables, crates, gold and more.

Alright it is awesome I love it

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10 for Diamond/Team/Role crates would be more accurate.
About Cosmetic Crates… I dunno, you can earn 5-6 fairly easily a day. That´s already more than in the contest. BB Crates are more scarce (about 2-3 at most a day).

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Some of the shuffle animations are kinda pokey, though the idea is cool.
(Build up a few days worth of tokens, then unload all at once is how I’m butting up against it)

I love it, keep this going.


It’s good, would like to see it as a regular feature

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No idea where you get that from… but have… fun… somewhere? Wherever you get that from :grimacing:

I really like the prize wall but would like it if it had more cosmetic crates or other crates in general instead of the coins or the energy. It’s a fun addition to the game & love it so far.

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I agree the prizes need to scale better, seems a bit of an issue all around imo.
14 days is good

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I did get it from Prize Wall… often, in fact.

Yep half of the walls are filled with cosmetic crates lol

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This event is just another P2W cash grab. I’ll get the free dailies but the deals being offered are laughable. There’s no guaranteed value and overpriced for the few extra chances you get on the “Prize wall” and the other “prizes” are lacking. Gross p2w event imo.

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