Prize Wall Rewards Revamp

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Prize Wall Rewards Revamp!

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Prize Wall Rewards Revamp!

Prize Wall Rewards Revamp

The new Prize Wall starts September 1st.

Prize Wall Rewards Revamp

  • Removal of Tank, Support, Control, DPS, Red Team, Blue Team, and Yellow Team Crates
  • Adjusted rewards on Stamina, Gold, EXP, Badge Crates, Cosmetic Crates, and Disk Power
  • Hero quest rewards were changed

Oh dear, oh dear, what will be added to the rewards?

For better…? and by how much?

Well, these were nice for beginners.
What about diamond crates?

Wait, what?

EDIT: I hope the amount of tokens stays the same @Nugget. Not like… the Namaari experiments.

Well, at least we have badge booster crates.

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well… Role and Team Crates weren´t really… good.

Basically Diamond Crates but… worse. Although less random.

Diamond crates I think should stay cause they cover the need to open one every day in case you don’t have any


I still wonder if these changed are for better or…?

When prize wall will give more red skill chips? 100 per prize is way too little.

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Is about time to introduce 22 from Soul

I actually find those types of crates much better than diamond crates :man_shrugging: they give quite a decent amount of somewhat useful badge bits & badges compared to diamond crates


Yes, the badge booster crates are very helpful. I never did have a good use for role or team crates.

Wonder what the rewards will be now

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The drops are the very same though. They only give a smaller range of heroes… which isn´t bad per se, but I´d rather like 5 or even 10 Diamond Crates per token than 1 Role/Team crate if that´s what it takes…

anyway Nugget, could the team please think about adding Megabit Crates?
As well as giving like 5 of the Diamond/Red Skill/Megabit Crates on Levels 1-9? With levels 10-19 having 6 per token, 20-29 having 7 etc.?
This would also inadvertenly help “Mini” Prize Walls as the gain won´t be as minuscule.


In what way? Like can you be more specific?

Yeah, can you give us any more details, @Nugget ?

This is the info that is currently available to me. The new Prize wall will be out tomorrow, September 1st

Okay, thanks anyway! :slightly_smiling_face:

Let´s hope we get the best of both worlds - the amount of tokens we had before and the stamina and such from Namaari Prize Wall.


I don’t know how this change is going to turn out, but we’ll wait and see.

Well I almost have everyone for costumes and I do need to gather up some more badges

Hm. These rewards are…interesting. But, at least I we still have stamina, chips, and badge boosters!

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