Proposition to Fellow Servers

I would like to propose to server 2 and any other servers within the game to join me in not spending any money after this upcoming update that gives Basil.


  1. PB doesnt seem to understand or even acknowledge the amount of players who complain about the same things pre & post updates about the speed to which cap increases.
  2. Gold is very scarce within the game and with each cap increase the badge cost is getting worse, alokg with items that are suppose to help with this ARENT working!
  3. Instead of adding new toons, why cant they fix older ones and give them relevance as @Halo_mcpickles has mentioned in his post prior. Older toons are obselte and instead of rushing new toons, fix what is already here as there are several bugs and fixes needed!
  4. Lets stop the burn out rate for guilds, as its killing the player base and the amount of players within the server to actually recruit for!

This game was legit when it first came out, and the deals have gotten worse since they went to “solo.” There is rumor for servers 21 & 22 of doing this strike…so lets band together and lets get the attention in the only way that seems to work, their pocketbook.


I am on board! Will do!


I’m in. Take away their cash flow and they will listen.


I am not a spender, but I support this. No offense to you, but I proposed this first in the recent patch notes. I can prove it. Here:


Actually big_kahuna was one of the first to mention this idea.

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Do this, and in weeks the game will be over.


I meant a all server wide thing. I think he mentioned that server 21 was planning to do it.


Actually, this is a good point. If it goes too far, it might shut down the game. Although we want improvements and change, we have to be careful.


Currently with everyone posting things on forums, its not making any changes. If they continue their trend…there wont be a game left anyway because everyone will have left. @AngeIica


It’s already on a declining path. They’ll listen to players before they let the game die off. They’re killing it faster by not listening than we will by not spending.



You are asking for the game to die, if we stop paying they will run out of money. This idea is stupid and will not help anyone. If you want to stop paying cool, okay. But if everyone does, in around 2 weeks they will be running out of money and will sell it or get rid if it. Including the Forums.

This is a selfish act off y’all’s part.


I agree. While changes need to be made, we must be careful and make sure this does not make the game die. I love the game despite the bad things and do not want it to go away.


Pb needs to use their resources in a logical manner. They keep spending money on increasing levels, nerfing toons, beefing old toons (I’ve never seen a beef actually make the toon relevant), and making more toons. Their speed for increase in levels and blantent disregard for their consumers opinions and wallets absolutely make zero sense to me. Wouldn’t it benefit their pockets and reputation more to slow down? Wouldn’t their fan base and their game have more players if they would listen? At least lower the cost. I literally used 18k in stamina this last update and it barely made 15 to 20 of my toons competitive. Fans of the game past and present would all benefit from a forum where pb is listening and will make logical changes, at least hold a survey to show they care as much about this game as their customers do. Every Polaris reply I recieve from them is based on the same blanket statement of thats just how these games work. I have to admit some employees there who reply seem to feel more apologetic and empathetic, but the unobtainable level chase continues. Well think outside of the box please! Don’t follow suit in what is working for other peoples games, because this practice is not fun. Instead of their customer’s changing our habits pb should listen, there is too much going on in the game to continue speed leveling. Please hear our request and cap the levels for a bit. Let people catch up. Lower the cost of how much stamina and badges it takes to increase. It’s unfair you take advantage of the fact people wont quit because of how much they have already invested and the amazing friends/ bonds we have formed.


This is an excellent idea! Many things in this game needs to be changed, and as a F2P player, it is hard to progress through the game due to high gold and stamina costs.

You have my full support.


Have you seen Elsa’s and Queen of Heart’s refreshes. Those were successful.

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@Angelica Thank you for your input. It has been noted, but if there are many others who are feeling the way I have posted…then it’s an issue that PB needs to be made aware.

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Agree 100% with this statement my friend. Pretty much a similar situation. All I ask is that we use this thread to track progress and discuss next steps. I do not want the game to die.


:joy: because of the red skills.

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While some have failed, some were very successful partly due to red skills.

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@TotallyNotDash This isnt for any specific type of player as this benefits all players. Most guilds has some f2p and they add value and build relationshisp with all!! I have great friends who are f2p and they are and cant keep up so are quitting or have quit because of the speed of the game with updates. This post is to help all players, and hope people see that and dont allow their egos or their ideology get in the way of seeing the REAL point of this post.

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