Protest to new update 1.7!


New update 1.7 needs work. First, we seriously need the skill prices to not go up. Either that, or we need a new source of gold. We also need needed xp for heroes to not go up. Second, nerfing the curse! Rather than let half the healing through, why not cut curse time in half? Quorra has been nerfed 2 times already, please dont make it 3!


I agree with everything. Making it harder to level up, completely ruins the game. And the thing with lowering the power of a hero is that some people spent time and maybe money on them, based on the given numbers and statistics. I put a lot of effort on Baymax and his only significant skill (shields) will be lowered by 20%!!! This is ridiculous…


I support you.
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Nah. Curse 100% needs the nerf. This is the only game I have ever played where the healing reduction status effect was allowed to cut healing by 100%. Most games use 50% and it works much better. Also, quorra and baymax nerfs are welcome. If you think a toon seen in over 90% of teams is balanced, you are crazy. These 3 changes will hopefully allow more diversity and counterplay in arena. Not saying there isn’t any now, but more of it would be better.

But the skill point cost and xp per level increase I agree is ridiculous. Hopefully they change their minds about before they release it


The gold and hero xp I agree with, but a few weeks ago the forums were full of “Quorra needs to be nerfed, she’s too OP!” and everyone was asking for a nerf. I really can’t blame Perblue on that.


I agree that they should be nerfed, but why wait until everyone has but some much time resources and money into them. Should have been nerfed a long time ago or they should give compensation per the power of the nerfed heroes.


I was about to buy $50 deal but after reading about this stupid update, i cancel n thinking to quit this game. What a stupid idea to rise gold/xp for merc because of some super rich ppl who spent alot of $$ n finally become godly n have alot of gold/xp. They can be like that because they spent alot of $$ n they DESERVE it. For those ppl who only vip 12 n below really suffer for gold/xp. Pls think twice or even thrice @Polaris.


It’s can be canceled during another update, we don’t even know HOW BIG are new costs.


Hopefully it will get canceled or reverted.


Last game I played had a hero who reduced healing by 80% for the duration of combat, and it was functionally balanced. Reducing healing by 100% for a short duration isn’t terrible.

Quorra might be a bit overpowered right now, but it’s not crazy. The addition of recent heroes are clearly meant to counter her.

Gold and XP increases are beyond ridiculous. The increased costs from leveling are already high, and farming badges and/or chips is painfully slow.


Co-sign!!! I very strongly agree!!!


The main concern is the unnecessary gold and XP increase costs. Hopefully they don’t let this come to pass.

I’m fine with the nerfs. I worked hard for my Baymax and spent money on my Quorra. It just sucks they waited until hundreds of people spent $100s on those heroes. Why nerf after everyone has paid money on heroes? Money and greed.

There isn’t anything we can do about the nerfs, so let’s not spend or waste energy on it. Let’s focus on the gold and XP increase.


I think all are unhappy, because they did not even think about the team, but just chose the best heroes (Tia, Quorra, Baymax) and easily won. But now they will need to think, since their teams will not be so strong.


@IGNASIO exacty thAt.


I believe that the creators of the game are better in the balance shear, since they do this game. And we just need to understand that we do not know much.


I think it’s a give and take. I think game developers need to listen to their fan base to an extent. These are the people that play everyday and report things back. Obviously not every suggestion is good but there have been a lot of good ones.


I only talk about those who complain about the nerfe of heroes


I think, unless a character is insanely broken, nerfs are always a bad idea, they aren’t player friendly.

Instead they should buff other characters. Buffing other characters incentivizes players rather that discourages.


I agree about the buffs, however, players were actually saying Quorra was broken.


I don’t have an issue with those characters and curse getting balanced.

However, the thought of XP & Gold costs increasing is just sickening. We don’t know how much exactly yet, but to me it’s irrelevant - it’s going up when it absolutely doesn’t need to. The grind is already out of control, drop rates especially; I cannot believe perBlue think it’s a good idea to make it worse.